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Transform Your B2B & B2C Business with our Integrated Digital Marketing, Branding & Sales Strategy

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Misaligned strategies, disruptive customer experiences, and inconsistent communication. How can you change the perception of your brand to win more customers and sales?

As a digital marketing and advertising agency with extensive industry experience in the areas of Branding, Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we help you align and integrate your branding and marketing communications with our 360° Digital Marketing solutions. With our founder’s experience working at Google and being an entrepreneur, she understands what it takes to drive sales in the digital age for startups, SMEs and large enterprises. You can secure up to 80% Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and more details on it can be provided by our SG Certified Practising Management Consultant. We also believe that our Performance Marketing solutions will complement your branding and advertising campaigns by focusing on the metrics that matter and by driving conversions that can impact your sales or revenue growth.

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Accelerate Brand and Marketing Transformation With Up To 80% Funding

Our integrated digital marketing agency strives to help Singapore-based SMEs and large enterprises to accelerate business model innovation as well as branding, marketing and sales transformation with our Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) projects that will help you to achieve up to 80% EDG funding. These projects are supported by our Enterprise Singapore Certified Practising Management Consultant who will guide you through every step of the way and help you achieve your business strategy, marketing and branding objectives while accelerating revenue growth.


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Client Stories

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RSA Security

In response to a global cybersecurity talent shortage, RSA partnered with VK Transformation on a consulting project to uncover key market and customer insights in support of the expansion plan of our RSA Academic Alliance Program. Besides comprehensive consulting & research on macroeconomic, industry trends, and customer segmentation, thanks to their strong focus on sales performance, they have gone above and beyond our expectations and turned this consulting project into a customer acquisition project. Team VKT used creative and out-of-the-box thinking & tools to rightfully identify key stakeholder contacts around the Asia Pacific region and generated sales qualified leads for us in a short amount of time despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

VK Transformation’s professionalism and commitment, as well as their willingness to always go the extra mile for their clients, is exemplary. My team and I highly recommend businesses to explore business partnerships with VKT team and tap into their digital sales & marketing expertise to expand their customer base apart from retaining their clients.

- Charles Lim, Director, South East Asia at RSA Security

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
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All Kurma

With growing competitive pressures, changing consumer behaviour and new technological advancements, one of our clients wanted to venture into the direct-to-consumer space after being a distributor of snacks in the wholesale snack industry. The main aim was to uncover new customer segments, build and develop their own private label brand to gain more control over their relationship with end customers while still achieving healthy revenue growth. 

VK Transformation was enabled for efforts in Business Model Transformation under the Enterprise Development Grant program. Our team took to a rigorous performance-driven market research to identify the new customer segments and actionable insights on market trends, competition and customer segments in order to enhance competitiveness and achieve incremental revenue growth. At the end of the project, VKT designed a blueprint for Business Model Transformation for wholesale/distribution business of which had helped the client to improve their brand presence and achieve sustainable growth.

- Yurisa Chiang, Manager, All Kurma Singapore

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