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All the Data Science you need
to Maximise your
Digital Marketing Returns
Return on Ad Spends 
Increase in Lifetime Value
Cost Savings

Alavi makes Data Science affordable & simple 

So You Can Get Results At A Fraction Of The Cost

Daily Recommendations

Saves Time

No Learning Required


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On a single dashboard, see consolidated results from all your PPC efforts and get daily opportunities for growth.


Refines campaigns using data-driven attribution at the ad set, ad group and keyword level.


Identifies and targets naturally-occurring, profitable clusters across traffic sources and CRM.


Segments existing customers by degree of loyalty and proposes ways to improve recency.


Discovers opportunities to increase user engagement and page performance while fixing technical issues. 

Behavioural data
Predictive Analytics
AI and Machine Learning

Precision Targeting to help you reach your most Profitable Audiences

Expand Reach

In just a few seconds, Alavi finds multiple audience segments that can improve your targeting and boost your returns. For example, cohorts that have higher conversion rates or above average order values.

Improves Engagement

Instead of looking at individual pieces of content, Alavi analyzes all the content an individual interacts with during the customer journey. This accurately determines how engaging a piece of content actually is and its real value in generating conversions. 

Increases Retention

Alavi identifies which customers are most likely to buy, churn, upgrade, etc., in the next 30 days. Knowing this allows marketers to run highly personalized campaigns.

VK Transformation - Alavi partnership

Collaboration being one of our core values, we believe in the power of working together. Through the VK Transformation and Alavi collaboration platform, we are committed to helping Small & Medium Enterprises across the region to accelerate digital sales & marketing transformation to improve revenue gains and cost savings. 


By also leveraging VK Transformation evidence-based benchmarking & diagnostics, VK Transformation can design more compelling marketing and sales strategy with data-driven insights to help businesses improve the success of digital sales & marketing transformation. 

A Management Consulting Firm

VK Transformation is a digital branding, sales and marketing consulting firm specializing in business transformation and data analytics. Our approach is an amalgamation of data-driven, performance-driven and customer-centric which will help our clients drive business growth and reach their business objectives.


We work closely with our clients to address and align the critical pillars of Digital Strategy, Capabilities, and Operations while placing their Customers at the heart of the ecosystem.

Our Consulting Framework

Our flexible, agile and nimble consulting framework help our clients navigate through the uncertain economic environment and address the changing needs of their businesses in an effective manner.


We deploy our framework using data & web analytics and design thinking customer-centric tools to generate key insights; solving our clients' most complex business problems. 

Data Driven

Customer Driven

Performance Driven

Far East Flora's Transformation with Alavi x VKT

Due to increased competition and broader targeting, in an attempt to grow its customer base, the team at was not getting the expected ROI from their marketing investments which led to their decision to engage VKT.

We collaborated with Alavi, who utilised their AI engine to identify products to market and audiences to target, which the company then used to boost revenues without sacrificing its bottom line. In just 3 weeks, FEF Singapore managed to accelerate their growth profitability, with RoAS increasing by 21.75%, while AOV shot up by 20.33%. Today, the team at FEF continues to enjoy an extended partnership with VKT and Alavi.

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Find out more about how Alavi works and how it can benefit you. Download our product brochure below.

Get To Know Alavi Better

To understand more about the product and our partnership - book a free consultation today.


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