Sales and Marketing Analytics Solution

We make data-driven decision easier

Introduce Science into Art of Selling

ANGie™ provides relevant data analytics insights to make better decisions faster with less reliance on gut instinct.

Discover New Opportunities 

ANGie™ analyzes large amount of data and helps businesses to boost customer acquisition and retention to achieve more predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Single Source of Truth

With ANGie™, the key metrics will be established throughout the funnel to create full funnel accountability across go-to-market teams and achieve sales & marketing alignment.

Drive Better Results

ANGie™ offers continuous intelligence to help leaders track & improve sales productivity, forecast accurately, convert more pipelines and elevate marketing ROI.

Drive predictable and sustainable revenue growth

Using our sales & marketing intelligence tool, ANGie™ to help you turn data into actionable insights, uncover new opportunities and improve sales productivity & marketing ROI.


Making Data-Driven Decision Easier 

How ANGie™ Works 

Acquire Customer Insights

Creating a data driven funnel to better understand customer buying behaviour and achieve sales & marketing alignment

Simplify Data

ANGie™ simplifies and make relevant data available & actionable for decision making

Better Sales & Marketing Performance

Leveraging data analytics to strengthen sales and marketing strategy to drive better sales and marketing outcome

Boost sales productivity and marketing ROI

Improves customer lifetime value

More Selling Less Reporting

Augmented by Consulting and Training

Integrates with your platforms


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