Customer Acquisitions


Confront Challenges

While it is important for businesses to retain existing customers, we should not lose sight of acquiring new customers. In this hyper-connected and highly competitive business environment, businesses could lose up to 25% of their customer base per year. Some companies experience a much higher percentage of churn than others due to lack of product “stickiness”, more price sensitive, seasonality or not having the right retention programs.


Generate Solutions

We work together with clients to adopt a bottoms-up approach to generate innovative solutions:

  • Understand market sizing and industry trends to identify opportunities.

  • Define project goals.

  • Understand our clients’ customer pathway and map sales activities (from lead generation, qualifying about clients' business requirements, pitching, overcoming objections to closing) that will align  with customer's buying process. This will lead to reshaping our clients’ sales methodologies for more effectiveness.

  • Assess different customer acquisition models and define best-in-class customer acquisition organisational structure to support growth.


Projected Outcomes

  • Bring more structure & organization to customer acquisition.

  • Drive growth at a lower cost per customer acquisition.

  • Improve marketing campaigns’ Return on Investment.

  • Enable better alignment among internal key stakeholders (sales, marketing, product, operations teams).