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We are industry agnostic and our diverse client portfolio includes start-ups, small medium enterprises, large enterprises across industries.

Many of our projects involve the development of new business models, finding new sources of revenue, tapping into new customer segments and speeding up the pace of innovation in this age of digital disruption.

We exist to help our clients achieve more predictable and sustainable sales revenue growth and accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Porsche Asia Pacific

Retaining existing customers is cheaper than attempting to acquire new ones. We took the one less travelled road by engaging a boutique management consulting firm – VK Transformation (VKT) to help us dissect, better understand our customers and their decision-making journey to drive business growth. The VKT team not only met our expected key deliverables but were also able to uncover key insights and provide compelling recommendations. This helped our business units to have a clear comprehension of what they need to do to retain customers. A boutique firm like VKT has proven that they can be nimble, agile and committed to transform their client’s business performance
- Dr. Henrik Dreier, General Manager


Vivien and her team supported us on our journey to transform our sales and customer service by deepening our engagement with our existing customers. With their strong analytics background and customer-centric/design thinking focus, relevant real business cases, communication strategies and service transformation blueprint were used by Vivien Koh and her team to facilitate group activities. This 1 day workshop has not just helped the sales and services participants to elevate their confidence and courage in overcoming internal and external customer escalations but also capturing customer insights and address customer issues more systematically by using frameworks and structures. The whole workshop was targeted to our case, highly interactive, and with real-life examples from our company.


The VKT team managed to capture a highly diverse audience with varying language levels and delivered key learnings, food for thought and a lot of fun in this compact and impactful format. I highly recommend working with team VKT if you've looking to transform sales, marketing & services in a way that is tailored to your needs and creatively targets your key issues. (If you prefer run-of-the-mill lectures your team can sleep through without missing much, this is not for you.)

-Sandra Wohlers, Head of HR


Leading Singapore Florist FarEastFlora.com accelerates its growth profitability in just 3 weeks 


We at VK Transformation (VKT) believe in the power of working together. Through our collaboration with Alavi, our business partner, we helped Singapore’s FarEastFlora.com increase their Return on Ad Spend by 22% and Average Order Value by 20% with Alavi’s Marketing AI. 


  • Due to increased competition and broader targeting (in an attempt to grow its customer base), FarEastFlora.com were not getting the returns they wanted on their online ad spends.

  • To combat this, Alavi’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine identified products to market and audiences to target, which the company used to boost revenues without sacrificing its bottom line.


It was a chanced encounter with Vivien but I was immediately drawn to her energy, full of drive, composed and measured in her confidence and approach. After some deeper conversations, I understood that her confidence is built on her solid foundation of industry knowledge and experience.


Working with her highly capable and diligent team was such a pleasure. It has added so much value and insights to my project which I and my team cannot achieve quickly on our own. Her strong support throughout the project (almost 24/7 readiness for her clients) and her teams' dedication to the project, going beyond the call of duty to deliver more value, have not only impressed me, but convinced me that this is a keeper that we'd love to continue to work with as we grow as well.


Apart from their stellar work ethics and professionalism, VK Transformation team has also the right knowledge and expertise in the areas they support and advise on. They are also not shy to dig deep and do the groundworks necessary in an efficient way to make sure that the research is thorough and comprehensive. Apart from market research through offline methods, they have also studied market trends and analysis using Google and other tech tools.


Well-versed in transforming businesses to be up to date with technology application and digital media, we have benefited much sharing market insights and knowledge. With Vivien's strong network, we have also benefited from strong partnerships introduced through her. In short, if you need one expert consultant, by engaging VK Transformation team, you have many experts that provide all you need.


Their passion, drive and professionalism continue to inspire me and my team and I look forward to working with them again in support of the next phase of my company's growth.

-Xiaoyin Shen, Founder and CEO


After building our B2C tourism firm sucessfully we employed Vivien as a consultant to give our new B2B firm a boost. Vivien is experienced with business practitioner and market experience and due to her previous roles she was able to share relevant "real world" practises with us.

Using Vivien's B2B sales road map we were able to clearly identify our customers journey and behaviour as well as understand our own branding and go-to-market strategy. We have also been able to unlock digital marketing platforms as well as benefit from market research analysis.

Our B2B business has hit the ground running. Vivien set us what I thought were pretty high targets at first but guided us through and above them.

I have used other consultants before with mixed results, I wouldn't hesitate to use Vivien again. 

-James Pelham, Founder

Altizen (Ideal Workspace)

Vivien was a great joy to work with - she brought vast sales experience and business savvy to our discussion sessions, helping us structure our thoughts around sales approach and channels. In addition, she was very generous in going outside her scope to introduce us to her contacts. I will not hesitate to recommend Vivien to anyone who's looking to up their sales game.

- Yuying Deng, CEO & Co-founder,

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