“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. - Charles Darwin”   

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. - Charles Darwin”


Vivien Koh

Managing Director (Linkedin Profile)

Vivien Koh is a Seriously Successful Sales Leader (SSSL) with 20 years of experience in sales & marketing. She has risen through the ranks and taken on senior sales leadership roles across Asia Pacific/Japan, at leading multinational companies like Google, Oracle, EMC, Ricoh and Dell. Most recently, at Google, she led a sizeable “pure hunting” sales team involved in digital advertising across Asia Pacific/Japan, where she tripled her business revenue to hundreds of millions of US dollars per year within the first two years, won more than eleven thousand net new large/mid market customers, accelerated sales productivity and more than four times the number of  “unicorn” deals. During her tenure in Technology industry, Vivien has held sales leadership roles in different functions (e.g. Inside Sales, Channels, System Engineer, Renewals and Marketing). In all her leadership capacity, she has actively served as a change agent, management consultant, coach and mentor for her team, customers and business.

Following her success in the corporate world, Vivien launched her own sales management consulting firm VK Transformation helping business owners, business leaders and sales professionals to overcome some of their top business challenges. Some of her key projects were Leadership Transformation, Driving Business Continuity, Developing Intrapreneurs and Accelerating Sales Performance in helping her clients to develop high performing leadership and sales teams, drive sales revenue and meet growth plans & business objectives. 

Vivien has coached and worked with more than 500 clients, business leaders and sales reps throughout her sales & marketing career across different industry sectors. The approach and tools she uses are highly dependent on her clients' objectives which include 'out-of-the-box' techniques, transformational approaches, problem solving, sales behaviour change, measure impact, team dynamics and others. During the projects, Vivien has worked with Senior Business leaders, HR and/or Marketing functional leaders to ensure project success. She was also invited as a guest speaker at SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business to share her knowledge and experience on "Winning Consumers with Digital Marketing".

With her proven track record and first-hand experience of Asia Pacific’s complexity in mixed market maturity, geographical extensiveness, team fragmentation, language diversity, Vivien understands what it takes to achieve successful business results. She is passionate about helping her clients uncover business opportunities and challenges in sales organizations as well as work with her clients to address them to improve sales results and drive growth. She is also enthusiastic about sharing her triumphs and trials in the corporate world to help her coachees and mentees shape their sales careers.

Some of her earned recognitions include Google’s prestigious Revenue VP Award, Oracle Asia Pacific Exceptional Performance Award, Symantec APAC Leadership Rookie of the Year Award and Dell’s recognition in Outstanding Sales Leadership Performances. 

Below are just some of Vivien’s key proven areas in sales management:

• Successfully built, rebuilt or grew high performing digital advertising and technology sales teams for field sales, inside sales, business development and renewals sales across Asia Pacific/Japan. She has led “pure hunting” sales teams for new business as well as managed account managers for existing businesses.

• Delivered exceptional and consistent track record in leading and motivating high performing people managers and multiple-size (large/mid size) teams.

• Established best-in-class organizational structures for digital advertising and technology sales.

• Consider company’s vision, mission and values and bring them to life within the team to ensure alignment.

• Clear focus on Art & Science of Selling - disciplined pipeline management, key metrics and data driven approach in managing business which resulted to higher conversion rate & tremendous growth in productivity.

• Ability to motivate sales teams and push the boundaries to navigate and win “unicorn” and complex deals.

• Helped traditional large and mid-sized customers to transform their businesses via adoption of online marketing practices.

• Established and fostered collaborative ways to promote cross functional collaboration to accelerate hiring, drive strategic initiatives and share best practices. (Note: Cross functional teams involved partners, people from marketing, operations, analytics as well as other “Go-To-Market” sales teams).

• Talent development to reach team members’ full potential and exceed expectations with New Business Sales Academy - on boarding program, as well as in areas such as program ignition, I talent mapping, career pathing, people development, hiring strategy & planning, on-boarding, succession planning, performance management, culture immersion.

Vivien is based in Singapore but the scope of her consultancy covers Singapore and the surrounding countries. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Bachelor degree in Economics from University of Western Australia. Apart from spending quality time with her family, Vivien’s interests outside of work include mentoring future women leaders, delivering keynote speeches, participating in “Fireside” chats, interview panels and industry-related ”Connected Women Speed Mentoring” events to share her experiences, past challenges she faced and how she overcame such challenges as well as her learnings.