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Strategic Consulting

Transform Your Business Strategy in the Digital Age Get up to 50% Singapore EDG Grant

How Can We Help Clients?

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Are you struggling to turn your business idea into a reality today?

VKT's Business Model Innovation Consultants are ready to help you develop capabilities to transform ideas into commercial reality, strengthen your business model, accelerate customer acquisition and increase the chances of funding.

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Small Medium Enterprises

Is your business facing fast-growing competition in transitioning to digital platforms or a lack of brand awareness?

Are you experiencing a decline in revenue growth due to the inability to leverage digital channels to build online brand presence and drive customer acquisition and retention?

VKT's 360° Digital Marketing framework helps establish strong digital presence on social media and online marketplaces for your business, including Shopee, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Our end-to-end marketing services, from omnichannel business model transformation to performance marketing, will ensure your business keeps up with competition and market trends. 

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Large Enterprises

Facing difficulties in determining your brand positioning and increasing brand awareness in a competitive digital landscape?

Are you facing challenges in acquiring new customers or determining the reasons why customers have left your brand?

Using VKT's brand identity framework, a clear brand positioning would be communicated across to customers, allowing your business to differentiate from competitors through a consistent and strong branding image while increasing brand awareness.

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Our Fueled-by-Insights Strategic Solutions

Are you struggling to re-innovate your business strategy or branding & marketing strategy to stay competitive? Strategy is crucial to execute a successful digital marketing campaign. Starting with the diagnosis of your business maturity stage to deriving actionable data-driven insights, we will help you to build a digital brand presence, drive traffic, increase conversion rates and drive sales to reach your business goals. With our track record of 120+ B2B & B2C clients and performance acceleration experience, we offer a range of consulting services for successful business transformation.


We have also a proven track record of securing up to 50% EDG grants for our Singapore SME clients. Our digital transformation strategy & planning programmes have helped our clients uncover new opportunities to invest their marketing dollars, drive their overall performance, increase Return On Ad Spend and transform their business models & brands in this new digital world.

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Brand & Marketing Strategy

Build Your Digital Branding Presence & Go-To-Market Strategy with best practices in digital marketing and customer loyalty techniques to drive customer acquisition & retention.

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Business Model Innovation

Startup: Turn your business idea into reality

SME: Transform from B2B to Direct to Consumer or Omnichannel business model to enable rapid growth.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Accelerate revenue by 50% within 3 months for our clients by developing a compelling digital marketing strategy to drive customer acquistion, optimise organic digital marketing and accelerate paid search & social media performance.

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Go-to-Market Strategy

Build a step-by-step tactical plan that specifies how your business will reach target customers and achieve business objectives.

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Data Analytics

Scale or accelerate your revenue growth with affordable & simple data science to maximise your Digital Return On Ad Spend.

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Overseas Market Expansion

Define & prioritise new markets for startups or existing businesses. Operationalise new business concepts or strategies to accelerate revenue growth.

VKT Digital Business Lifecycle

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Build A Digital Brand Presence
Drive Better Digital Results
Accelerate Digital Growth Using A Targeted Approach
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Business Challenges

Businesses face difficulties in building brand awareness & scaling their online presence to keep up with the evolving customer behaviour & journey, as well as high competition.


Businesses face difficulty converting website visitors into qualified leads & customers and lack digital marketing expertise.


Businesses face difficulties improving their cost of customer acquisition & marketing ROI due to poor targeting in the competitive landscape.

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VKT Programmes

- Business Diagnostics & Brand Audit

- Market, Competition & Customer Analysis

- Brand Positioning

- Integrated Brand & Digital Marketing Strategy Across Multiple Channels

- Paid Advertising (SEM & Social Media Marketing)

- Social Media Management

- SEO/Content Marketing

- Online Marketplace Onboarding & Optimisation

- Email Marketing Automation

- Video Marketing

- Account-Based Targeting
- Growth Marketing
- B2B eCommerce Enablement
- Data Science, AI & Machine Learning,
- Referral Marketing
- Customer Relationship Management


Our Agile Consulting Framework

Using our 3DM consulting framework, we have helped many B2B & B2C businesses address their complex business challenges and accelerate their business model, digital brand, marketing and sales transformations. We bring together expertise in three Domains supported by data-driven diagnostics and analytics in aid of better decision making & revenue performance.

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Our consulting & digital marketing agency helps Singapore-based SMEs and large enterprises to accelerate their business model, branding, marketing and sales transformation with our in-house Certified Practicing Management Consultant and Digital Marketing Certified Consultants. We have achieved 100% successful EDG application rate and secured the maximum support of up to 50% Grant for our SME clients. With our digital transformation strategies & execution experience in B2B & B2C industries, we have helped clients from diverse industries to build digital brand presence and accelerate customer acquisition across Asia Pacific for business growth.


Client Stories

All Kurma

We engaged VK Transformation for Business Model Transformation under the Enterprise Development Grant programme. VKT conducted rigorous performance-driven market research to help us identify new customer segments and actionable insights on market trends, competition and customer segments to enhance our competitiveness and achieve incremental revenue growth.


VKT also designed a blueprint for our wholesale/distribution business that helped the us to improve our brand presence and achieve sustainable growth.


- Yurisa Chiang, Manager, All Kurma Singapore

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Ready to Transform Your Business Today and Achieve Desired Revenue Growth?

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For any general inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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