Develop Sales Talents

Confronting Challenges

A high performing sales team is the backbone of every successful business. Sales leaders play a critical role in creating and leading a high performing team and it is one of the toughest jobs in business with several critical roles roll into one: coach, strategist, super seller and business leader. Sales professionals are equally important in contributing to sales success.

Industry research shows that effective sales coaching can significantly improve the performance of a sales some cases, driving revenues up by 20% or more. While it is important to invest in sales coaching, there are other critical sales leadership skills that need to be taken into account such as building out a sales team, managing sales performance, managing key stakeholders & senior management relationships, and leading & motivating a sales team.

So, what do the “rockstar” sales professionals do that sets them apart? Sales professionals are expected not only to be skilful in many aspects like prospecting, qualifying, pitching, negotiating, overcoming objections, managing sales pipeline and closing, but they are also required to be great at multi tasking and time management. What about the “rockstar” sales professionals who wish to transition or be promoted to sales managers? Are they ready to take on sales management role? Many of them often face difficulties doing so.

Lastly, over the next decade, the impact of women on the global economy will be at least as significant as that of China and India. However, the gap between such a  potential and the current reality is still very wide with a third of businesses still having no women in senior management. There has never been a more pivotal moment to help women break such barriers!

Source: Grant Thornton International Business Report 2016


Generating Solutions

We confront and address the above challenges by:

i) Tailoring and designing sales coaching and mentoring programs for sales leadership, as well as designing professional development programs for sales, business development and account management roles to confront and address the above challenges. These programs will be built around the Art and Science of Selling where necessary.

(ii) Offering interim sales leadership services by working with business owners whose business has outgrown their own capacity to function as both CEO and sales leader but who are uncertain in hiring full-time sales leaders. We also work with established sales organizations which are in transition and require an interim experienced sales leader to assess the current situation and introduce sales best practices into the organization

(iii) Helping emerging women leaders to grow their careers and break into leadership roles in business.


Projected Outcomes:

For sales leaders:-

- Adapt sales coaching accordingly.

- Increase retention of high performers and managing under performers.

- Define hiring strategy for sales teams.

- Accelerate ramp-up of new team members.

- Timely identification of market challenges, followed by proactively address them with the team.

- Improve team morale.

- Manage sales performance.

- Improve customer experience.

Sales Professionals:-

- Improve selling behaviors and sales performance/results.

- Increase their confidence in winning.

- Improve sales effectiveness, win rates

- Carry out effective pipeline management and achieve forecast accuracy.

- Invest in career planning (e.g. transition from individual sales contributor to sales manager).

Emerging women leaders:-

- Increase their resilience and achieve results.

- Identify how your talents could contribute to the organization.

- Get a seat at the table.

- Network and navigate through complex organizations.