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Digital Content Marketing Consultant

We are looking out for a Digital Content Marketing Consultant.

VK Transformation is a 5 year old sales, marketing & services management consulting firm specialising in digital transformation and data analytics. We are looking for a content marketing to join our team to support content marketing initiatives of VK Transformation and our clients. The role will support the team in deploying cohesive content strategies that drive business goals for our clients, predominantly in social media and website content copywriting. 

What You Will Learn

You will work closely with key stakeholders to plan, oversee and execute content strategies from start to end, gain real-life client project experiences, enhance strategic and creative thinking in addressing business challenges related to the value proposition, messaging and communication, gain the opportunity to apply data-driven insights from keywords analysis and web analytics to improve communication and content delivery and gain the exposure to various B2B and B2C industries.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the team to develop digital marketing strategies and plans for the
    firm and projects. This includes digital, social, content management and online lead
    generation strategies.

  • Conduct market research and benchmarks to provide insights into the market
    conditions, consumer behavioural, customer insights, customer segmentation competition landscape for target markets for a variety of clients across multiple industries to uncover new opportunities.

  • Develop brand voice to ensure consistency across all content assets for client

  •  Conduct Brand, Website and Social Media Audit for client projects where content
    writing is involved.

  •  Participate in the creation of monthly social media content calendar, and regularly
    measure and distill progress results to apply data-driven insights to future content

  •  Apply SEO, content development, distribution and measurement to effectively tailor
    content to reach audience personas.

  •  Manage digital and social content channels including email or newsletter distribution,
    with the understanding of the best content practices on each channel. 

  •  Assist with integrating content strategy and time-specific brand campaigns to drive
    campaign goals. 

  •  Test and implement innovative and relevant methods of measuring content,
    campaigns and tools, keeping in mind the purpose of the derived results. 

  •  Write up on consulting reports

The successful candidate should possess the following qualification and qualities:


  • Possess a degree in marketing/ communications related major with at least 1 year experience in digital marketing

  • Excellent command of the English language in support of content writing, copywriting, and proofreading. 

  • Any other industry-related expertise/certification will be a plus (e.g. Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords)

  • Able to work both independently with minimum guidance and effectively as part of a team

  • Strong team player, open-minded, enthusiastic and eager to learn

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Works well in a fast-paced environment, with the ability to stick to tight deadlines

  • Ability to display high agility in reacting & responding to current sentiment

  • Experience in B2B or B2C content marketing, planning and comfortable with customer engagement.

  • Strong analytical and quantitative abilities with excellent written and verbal communication skills, preferably the ability to develop and deliver consulting presentations

  • Fluency in English and Mother Tongue

  • Strong market research capabilities to generate valuable insights

  • Possesses Critical and Strategic Thinking mindset

The coverage of job description is highly dependent on qualification and experience of the applicant. 

Please kindly send your CV to Your interest will be treated with strict confidence.