Think Digital Sales Transformation

Confront Challenges

We are living in a more complex and constantly connected world via multiple devices. Today, 90% of all media interactions are screen based, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and television. Consumers are using multi-devices to achieve their goals. As a result, the customer purchase path has become more complex.

Today’s technology and internet have made information readily available for buyers. As buyer expectations are changing, these dynamics are undermining the traditional sales process and approach of pushing products to customers along a linear funnel i.e. lead generation, lead qualification, pitch, proposal, negotiation and close. We cannot sell the same way as we did in the past.

Source: The New Multi Screen World Study (Think with Google)


Generate Solutions

This program is designed to help our clients think digital sales first. We partner with our clients to adopt a bottoms-up approach that focuses on these areas:

  • Understand and assess clients' current digital sales culture.

  • Build digital capabilities in sales & marketing.

  • Define best in class organizational structures for digital sales teams, recommend ideal sales force alignment and assess centralized versus decentralized organizational designs for digital sales.

  • Digital culture shift - understand & assess our clients’ current sales culture.

  • Understanding customer pathway and map digital to customer driven engagement models.

  • Identify key digital behaviours.

  • Define digital hiring strategy.

  • Adopt digital sales best practices from companies like Google.

  • Better use of data to make smarter decisions.


Projected Outcomes:

  • Sales teams adopt new ways of selling.

  • Embrace digital sales culture which complements offline engagement with customers.

  • Sales reps invest more time in pitching and closing.

  • Improve key metrics which will increase customer reach and achieve sales goals.

  • Accelerate sales growth.