Enterprise Development Grant

Up to 80% Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) funding for your Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, Branding, and Marketing projects

Supported by Enterprise Singapore

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Helping Businesses Transform With EDG Funding

VK Transformation (VKT) is a consulting and branding & digital marketing agency that thrives to help Singapore-based SMEs and large enterprises with digital transformation, business transformation, strategic branding, and marketing and internationalisation or market expansion. Our Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) certified Practising Management Consultant is a digital marketing, brand, and sales specialist with a proven track record of successful EDG projects.

The Enterprise Development Grant

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) supports qualifying project costs including consultancy fees, software equipment and internal manpower costs.

Qualifying requirements include:

• Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore

• Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

• Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

As announced at Budget 2021, the enhanced maximum support level of up to 80% will be extended to 31 March 2022. 

Why Choose VK Transformation for EDG?

VK Transformation aims to aid Singapore-based SMEs and large enterprises in Business Model Transformation with innovative Digital Marketing, Branding, and Performance Marketing solutions to accelerate growth and drive sales. Our Singapore Certified Management Consultants include business practitioners, strategists, and educators with practical experiences across the Asia Pacific region. With a high successful application rate and having secured the maximum support of up to 80% Grant for our clients, VK Transformation is here to guide you through the process and realize your business goals.


VKT with its extensive strategy and execution experience in B2B & B2C industry has helped clients from the wholesale & distribution industry to transform from B2B to Direct-To-Consumer and Omnichannel Commerce; Interior Design, Construction, online media publication, luxury brands, cybersecurity, HR professional services etc. to identify new market segments, define business development strategies and assist them with innovative branding strategy & marketing development initiatives for market expansion. With a strong performance-driven customer-centric approach, VKT provides end-to-end solutions to its clients to enhance their competitiveness in order to strengthen their brand presence and achieve a sustainable incremental growth. Our solutions include:

  • Strategic Brand and Marketing Development

  • Business Strategy Development with Business Model Transformation 

  • Achieve Service Excellence

  • Test Product/Solution Viability

  • Expanding Your Business into International Markets

  • Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media & Content Marketing

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