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Are you a Singapore based company seeking funding to innovate, transform and accelerate growth?

How we help


We are passionate about helping Singapore based Local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and non-SMEs transform their business models, uncover new customer segments, support overseas expansion by

•Testing product/solution viability

•Rethink Business & Brand strategy

•Provide actionable insights to design strategic brand and marketing development

•People capability development

•Improve service excellence

to build a sustainable advantage and accelerate growth


With our certified Practicing Management Consultant (recognized by Enterprise Singapore), Vivien Koh, we work with our clients to transform their business with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).



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What it takes to qualify

SMEs and Non-SME’s can apply for EDG if they meet the following criteria:

•Registered and operating in Singapore

•At least 30% local shareholding

•A financially viable company

What is the advantage? 

Grow and transform your business by working with a certified consultant/ service provider


•Defrayment of costs of the project for up to:

SME: 70%    Non-SME: 50%