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VKT CEO Series: Win with Performance Marketing

March 2021 | INSIGHTS

VK Transformation brings to you our all new and exciting CEO Series where we have candid & insightful conversations with our Founder & Managing Director, Vivien Koh, about her on-the-ground experience in the last 7 years with Digital Marketing, Sales and Branding. 


Our hot topic for today is Performance Marketing!

How can you successfully drive conversions with a limited marketing budget? Such questions have been keeping digital marketers awake at night and that’s why we went down to ask Vivien the top burning questions about winning with performance marketing.

Q1. What exactly is Performance Marketing and why do we need it?

To complement branding, performance marketing can help us drive results with actions taken by the customers, instead of just impressions or CTRs. One of our many customers wanted to test the market with their new product, targeting Singapore B2B businesses that are looking to expand their headcount in other markets without an entity. We recommended using Google ads. With the right strategy and technical knowledge about SEM, we were able to help them to generate quality leads within the first 2 hours and 14 quality leads in the first 2 months. 

Taking into account the marketing funnel, with performance marketing campaigns, businesses can drive traffic to their landing page at the top funnel, remarket to those who are at the mid funnel and drive conversions at the bottom funnel. Hence, as a marketer, you ultimately want the marketing campaign to pay for results, getting a high ROAS.

Q2. What are the various channels for Performance Marketing?

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it is important to be clear about the profile of your target customers by getting insights and knowledge about their digital footprint. 


For one of our clients in the snacking industry, we managed to uncover 4-5 different customer segments and their digital footprints. Due to the pandemic, the customer journey had become more complex, resulting in our performance marketing campaign making use of several channels like Google SEM, Facebook & Instagram, their ecommerce website as well as online marketplaces (Shopee, Lazada, Toko) for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Q3. How do you measure Performance Marketing?

To roll out a successful performance marketing campaign, I will advise you to set goals! It is important to align your performance marketing strategy to your marketing funnel or customer journey, hence the key metrics will differ across different stages of the marketing funnel. You can review historical data to set your goals. Our team usually benchmarks complementary campaigns carried out in the past or we tap into Google Keywords Planner or Facebook Business Manager to provide recommended goals in aid of our media plan, followed by systematic A/B testing in the first month. 

Q4. How do you advise me to get started?

While the process of performance marketing might be a bit intimidating, but it is important to start with investing time in understanding your target audience and capturing their insights. You will also need to acquire the technical skills from when you start to anlayse your keywords on Google or interests on Facebook for your target audience to when you set up conversion tracking and structure your campaign.


At VK Transformation, we constantly evolve and grow with the client, finding creative and fresh solutions to drive traffic, engagement, leads, conversions and revenue within your budget

Q5. How can VKT help SMEs and Enterprises?

We first assess which stage our clients are in the business lifecycle: Build, Grow or Accelerate. Based on that, we combine our 360° Digital Marketing solutions with our data-driven Strategic Consulting to help you to build and grow your digital presence across multiple touchpoints of your target audience’s customer journey while engaging in end-to-end performance marketing.

Kickstart your Journey with 360° Digital Marketing

At VK Transformation, our team of experts helps you build and grow your digital presence across multiple touchpoints of your target audience’s customer journey while engaging in end-to-end performance marketing for high conversion rates with limited budgets.


Get to know more about how we can help you achieve your digital marketing, sales and branding goals by getting in touch with us here:


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Vivien Koh

Founder and Managing Director

Practicing Management Consultant

Cheryl Chia

Performance Marketing Analyst

Sammi Chan

Digital Marketing Consultant

Priya Trigunayat

Digital Content Marketing Consultant

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