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October 2021 | INSIGHTS

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Not sure how to adapt to the new normal for businesses post-pandemic?


It might be time to shift to a Moonshot Thinking Mindset in order to accelerate revenue growth and reach your full potential.


What exactly is Moonshot Thinking?

Having this mindset involves proposing a radical solution to a huge problem while leveraging disruptive technology. It means moving beyond the idea of 10% growth, and instead, driving 10X exponential growth. Moonshot Thinking also encourages us to systemize innovation and embrace failure in order to learn and make progress. 


Read more to find out the right Moonshot Thinking Mindsets to adopt, how you can make COVID-19 your launchpad for these Moonshot Ideas and the ways to transform your organizational culture.


Is your social media also flooded with memes of the iconic green tracksuits, as Squid Game rides its wave of popularity worldwide? Well then, we are on the same page.


Squid Game took Netflix by storm, ranking number 1 in 90 countries where Netflix operates. So, how did K-Dramas manage to achieve ground breaking sensation in international markets? AND what can we take away for applying to our own organizations? The simple answer is: Moonshot Thinking. Director Hwang Donghyuk of Squid Game aimed for a masterpiece, anticipated failure, received rejections and finally launched his idea when he saw the right opportunity. This led him to  achieve unprecedented success. Here are some of the Moonshot Mindsets that you can adopt too in order to accelerate your business’ revenue growth:

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Aim for 10X, not 10%

Fuel your passion and think of the bigger picture.

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Embrace Failure

Take calculated risks, fail fast and learn from those failures.

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Dealing With Uncertainties 

Make the chaos a source of your creative energy.

Learn more about how these mindsets can help you turn your business around as they did for Squid Game in our full blog here



of executives believe that COVID-19 provides opportunities for growth

BUT, only


of executives feel confident enough to face the changes

This presents a big gap between those who can see this opportunity and those who will actually seize it. It has been almost 2 years since the onset of this all-consuming global pandemic and businesses are still building themselves back up as new laws and regulations as well as new customer behaviours keep disrupting the foundations of what they have built. 


It is time to change the narrative. Viewing COVID-19 not just as a crisis but as an opportunity to grow and innovate is essential for your business to emerge a winner in this digital age. The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that innovators during this crisis actually outperformed their competitors by 10% during the crisis and by almost 30% post-crisis. 


Being courageous enough to pursue your ideas and passions and making a positive change might be your ticket to success. Fall in love with the problem and its uncertainties instead of fearing it. 

Learn more about how you can make COVID-19 your launchpads with the Moonshot Blueprint in our complete blog here


Don’t know how to incorporate these Moonshot Mindsets in your organization?


What your organization might need first is a cultural transformation.


As Albert Einstein once said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.” A paradigm shift in the mindset of the organization and its values, expectations and practices is required for positive revenue growth.


For instance, Microsoft’s cultural shift from a competitive and fixed mindset environment to a climate of learning was a key driver for the boost in its valuation from $350 billion in 2015 to $2 trillion today, making it one of the Best Places to Work at. These 5 steps can help to transform your organizational culture and leadership:

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1. Diagnosis & Direction- Setting

Conducting Internal & external audits to understand what change is needed.

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2. The Leader &

The Avengers

Setting the tone by the leader & creating a specialized team to manage the change.

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3. Communication as a Key Weapon

Facilitating two-way communication for employees to embrace the change.

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4. Acknowledging Small Wins

Creating milestones, checking progress and celebrating small victories.

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5. Reflection & Reinforcement

Setting OKRs with broader outcomes and reinforcing the change during hiring.

Catch more details about the 5 steps to cultural transformation that can help your organization strive for innovation and accelerate revenue growth in our blog here.

Drive Growth with our Transformational Training Solutions

Are you ready to embrace a Moonshot Thinking (10x) mindset to take your organization to the next level of growth in the post- pandemic world?  Most recently, our founder facilitated a Moonshot Thinking program for a multinational company, helping the team to change the game through business model innovation while learning to embrace Moonshot Thinking mindsets. As a business practitioner, educator and digital marketing technologist, Vivien and her team are passionate about accelerating B2B and B2C business model, branding and digital marketing transformation with EDG grant support of up to 80% for SMEs & 60% for non-SMEs. 


Join us for a virtual coffee chat to learn more about how to leverage our Moonshot Thinking program to ignite your transformational journey. 


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Vivien Koh

Founder and Managing Director

Practicing Management Consultant

Cheryl Chia

Performance Marketing Analyst

Sammi Chan

Digital Marketing Consultant

Priya Trigunayat

Digital Content Marketing Consultant

For more information reach out to us on our website and feel free to share our newsletter.

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