Sales Leadership and People Development


VK Transformation Leadership & People development programs are specifically designed for Sales Leaders, Sales teams and Sales Professionals. These programs are delivered through: 

(i) Group Coaching for Sales Leaders or Sales professionals

Group coaching for sales leaders or sales professionals is consultant-led, which is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Using VK Transformation’s consulting & design approach, the appropriate sales workshop will be determined jointly by the client and consultant.

Our consultant-led group coaching involves pre-coaching engagement/discovery, two to three days group coaching session, followed by post-coaching session to ensure sustainable changes in sales behaviour and results with long term impact. Some of the sales coaching sessions involve Art & Science of Selling, Consultative Selling, Harnessing Digital for Sales, Customer Acquisition, Leading through Complexity and Ambiguities.

                                               Consultant-Led Coaching Approach

                                           Consultant-Led Coaching Approach


(ii) Coaching for Sales Leader, Sales Professional or Emerging Women Leaders

The Consultant serves as a trusted advisor to sales leaders or sales professionals or emerging women leaders to realize their full potential through the process of brainstorming, challenging the norm to discover opportunities and road blocks, and generating new ideas and solutions. Over the course of the coaching session, the Consultant works with the coachee to build trust, assess coachee’s performance and uncover hidden opportunities & barriers; this will be subsequently followed by the design of suitable strategy, execution plan and follow-through. Based on each coachee’s specific needs, the Consultant will tap into her wealth of past sales leadership experience to apply different coaching methods for different coachees.

In the specific area of sales leadership or the development of emerging women leaders, the Consultant will work with the client to take a deeper look into the various leadership challenges outlined in the table below. Ultimately at the end of the day, the desired outcomes from all of these tailored programs are to build high performing sales teams, enable effective career development, navigate through ambiguities and create a winning sales culture!


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