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Strategic Consulting

Achieve Your B2B & B2C Business Goals with an Integrated Digital Brand, Marketing & Sales Strategy with up to 80% Enterprise Development Grant

Transform Your Business Today

Struggling to stay ahead of the competition? With day-to-day operations leaving no time to re-innovate business strategy, VK Transformation, with a track record of 120+ B2B & B2C clients, offers you a range of consulting services for successful business transformation. Starting with the diagnosis of your business maturity stage to deriving actionable data-driven insights, we help you increase your conversion rates and drive sales.


Our expertise consists of business practitioners, educators and business practical experiences in several regions of South-East Asia. We have a proven track record of securing up to 80% EDG grants for our local customers. Our services such as SEM, SEO, Branding, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing aim to generate quality leads and drive revenue sales growth. The VK Transformation team uses design thinking and performance-driven market research, competitive intelligence and customer insights to help transform your business in the new digital world.

To accelerate your business model, branding, marketing & sales transformation, contact our team today!

Accelerate Business Transformation With Up To 80% Funding

Our integrated digital marketing agency strives to help Singapore-based SMEs and large enterprises to accelerate business model innovation as well as branding, marketing and sales transformation with our Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) projects that will help you to achieve up to 80% EDG funding. These projects are supported by our Enterprise Singapore Certified Practising Management Consultant who will guide you through every step of the way and help you achieve your business strategy, marketing and branding objectives while accelerating revenue growth.

Business Model

Digital Marketing Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

Data Analytics

Overseas Market Expansion

How Can We Help?

branding and marketing strategy, business model innovation, direct to consumer, direct to business, digital marketing strategy

Brand & Marketing Strategy

go to market strategy, data analytics, overseas expansion

VKT B2B & B2C Digital Sales & Marketing Lifecycle 






3DM, Design Thinking, Build Grow Accelerate, EDG Grant, Business Model Transformation

Business Challenges



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Drive Better Digital Results


Business Challenge

Businesses are facing difficulties in converting website visitors into qualified leads & customers and lack  digital marketing expertise.

VKT Programs

- SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

- Social Media Marketing

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) /Content Marketing 

- Online Marketplace onboarding & optimization

- Email Marketing Automation

- Video Marketing

- Branding


Build a Digital Brand Presence


Business Challenge

Businesses are facing challenges to scale their digital presence and brand awareness to keep up with the evolving customer behaviour and journey

VKT Programs

- Business Diagnostics

- Brand Audit

- Market, competition & customer 

- Digital brand & product positioning

- Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy across multiple channels

- Brand & GTM Strategy & web development


Accelerate Digital Growth using a targeted approach


Business Challenge

Businesses are facing difficulties in improving their cost of customer acquisition and marketing ROI due to poor targeting in the competitive landscape.

VKT Programs

- Account-Based Targeting 

- Growth Marketing 

-B2B eCommerce enablement

- Data science, AI and machine learning, 

- Referral Marketing

- Customer Relationship Management

Client Stories

Modern Building

Apart from tapping into the positive outlook of the global green construction trend and improving our competitive position in the global market, the business impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the urgency for us to embark on a journey towards business model innovation. Through word of mouth, we engaged VK Transformation to help us with this journey.


Their consulting framework and ideation workshops have equipped Elmich team members with the know-how to come up with new strategies to take our business to greater heights. Vivien, along with her team was exceptionally energetic and approachable. I will not hesitate to engage them again to drive our next phase of growth in this digital era.

- Mr. Martin Toh, Managing Director

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
all kurma
All Kurma

With growing competitive pressures, changing consumer behaviour and new technological advancements, one of our clients wanted to venture into the direct-to-consumer space after being a distributor of snacks in the wholesale snack industry. The main aim was to uncover new customer segments, build and develop their own private label brand to gain more control over their relationship with end customers while still achieving healthy revenue growth. 

VK Transformation was enabled for efforts in Business Model Transformation under the Enterprise Development Grant program. Our team took to a rigorous performance-driven market research to identify the new customer segments and actionable insights on market trends, competition and customer segments in order to enhance competitiveness and achieve incremental revenue growth. At the end of the project, VKT designed a blueprint for Business Model Transformation for wholesale/distribution business of which had helped the client to improve their brand presence and achieve sustainable growth.


- Yurisa Chiang, Manager, All Kurma Singapore

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