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Sales and Marketing Continuity in Wake of Crisis

As the COVID-19 virus outbreak continues to unfold across the globe, it is important to understand its business implications and adopt Business Continuity Plans. In this newsletter, discover the trends and impacts of the outbreak and how to adapt to the sudden changes in consumer behaviour. Also, learn how businesses can engage in pre-mortem to survive the crisis. 

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Edition 1

 No company is immune to the disruptive forces constantly reforming the way business is carried out. Industries that are in danger of disruption tend to be those where the gap in innovation between legacy enterprises and nimble startups has widened to a chasm

Edition 2

Customer journeys have changed, technology is constantly disrupting the status quo and traditional customer acquisition methods have evolved. How do businesses balance new acquisition with sustainability?

Edition 4

In January's edition, we will be addressing the struggles faced by those in the e-commerce industry regarding the interpretation of data. A sound data strategy and insight-driven approach can help retailers capture growth despite fierce competition.

Edition 5

As we are approaching a new decade, we would like to share our latest insights from the year end review of 2019. Some insights on customer win back strategy, digital transformation for 2020 and turning data into actionable insights.

Edition 3

The importance of a sound brand strategy makes all the difference between you and your competitors. Read more insights into aligning your brand with your business here.

Edition 6

As we are approaching the new year, it’s time to wrap up 2019 and prepare for 2020! To make sure you head into the new year with confidence in business growth, here's our newsletter that comes with insights for you to do exactly that. Let's start off a new decade with a bang!