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Train for Transformation

Digital Business Transformation Training for Growth

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Our online and offline data-driven training programs provide business leaders the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and collaboration with like-minded professionals. From the Art & Science of Negotiation & Selling to Revenue Acceleration through Data Analytics and Design Thinking, we offer a range of training modules that transform your business.
Some of our training programs are also supported by Skills Future (Singapore) and HRDF (Malaysia). We aim to aid businesses to achieve their Business Model Transformation and Innovation goals.

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The Art & Science of Selling

Design Thinking & 

Innovation for Business Growth

Business Model Transformation

art and science of selling, design thinking & innovation for business growth, business model transformation
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Our Training Programmes 

art and science of negotiation

Art and Science of Negotiation


Challenge: Few people have a clearly defined strategy before they step into a negotiation. Ineffective negotiating skills has results in poorly negotiated deals which impacts companies' revenue and bottom line.


How do we help: This program equips participants with scientific approach in measuring the information received from customer against your negotiation goal. Frameworks which will help participants in navigating complex negotiations.

art and science of selling

Art & Science of Selling


Challenge: There are more buyers involved in buying cycles in complex B2B Sales. Getting to the right decision makers, response from prospects and closing deals are the top challenges for sales teams.

How do we help: This program will help sales professionals to improve sales productivity and performance. Participants will learn to adapt their selling approach to customer buying behavior and drive consistent sales performance through the discipline of pipeline management .

high impact selling

High Impact Selling 

Challenge: Half of sales representatives (47%) are not meeting their sales quota. In the digital age, decision makers are more informed, putting pressure on salespeople to transform their selling approach.


How do we help: This program helps participants to sharpen their consultative solution selling skillset. Using our practical BOSSTM framework, participants will improve in C level engagement, effective questioning strategy and ability to close larger deals.     

Image by JJ Ying
design thinking & innovation for business growth

Design Thinking & Innovation for Business Growth


Challenge: While many sectors are adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot ignore the fact that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation with change in customer behaviour and journey. As the COVID-19 situation remains uncertain, you can turn to Design Thinking to rethink, reimagine  and transform your businesses to gain more competitive edge

How do we help: This program helps business leaders to learn how to innovate by designing parts of your business to better meet the new requirements of customers and create a sustainable new business. You will also design a business blueprint to move your concept forwards and obtain buy in from others.


corporate entrepreneurship & innovation

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Challenge: Shift from fixed to growth mindset and look beyond organic growth opportunities.


How do we helpThis program helps leaders to re-think like a disruptor or an entrepreneur to address business problems. This is followed by

innovating business model to create new growth opportunities and stay competitive, through collaboration, using  innovation tools.

reinventing your business model for growth

Reinventing Your Business Model for Future Growth


ChallengeShrinking Fortune 500 lifespan and digital disruption have put pressure on previously reliable business models which is no longer sufficient by rolling out new products and services.


How do we helpThis program helps leaders to refocus on customer centricity and  design their new business model strategy through strong cross functional collaboration to drive next phase of growth. 

Some of our previous trainings

vkt training programmes, moonshot thinking

Moonshot Thinking Program

Cultivating 10x mindset for leadership to achieve next phase of business growth

art and science of negotiation workshop for MNCs, leadership negotiation transformational training

Art and Science of Negotiation Workshop for MNCs

A leadership negotiation transformational training to help navigate complex negotiations.

keynote speaking engagements, vkt trainings

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Uncovering the roots of critical and creative thinking, leadership transformation and transforming sales and marketing.

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