VK Transformation | Breaking Covid-19 Barriers Program
Breaking the Covid-19 Barriers
Online Program 

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we want to do our part to help businesses to accelerate the transformation of sales and marketing during these challenging times with VKT Breaking the COVID-19 Barriers program.

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VKT Breaking the COVID-19 Barriers Online Program

off the shelf and customized 


Build a Digital Presence


Business Challenge

Businesses are facing challenges to scale their digital presence and brand awareness to keep up with the changing customer journey and behavior.



Accelerate Digital Growth with AI

Drive Better Digital Results



Business Challenge

Once website traffic gains traction, many businesses are facing difficulties in converting visitors into qualified leads, customers and brand advocates.

Business Challenge

Intense competition and poor targeting have led to many businesses' inability to improve their cost of customer acquisition

VKT Program

Build A Digital & Brand Presence:
One stop marketing solution to discover, build, market & optimize to help you succeed online

VKT Program

Digital Growth:  Improve ROI from different digital channels using data analytics and conversion rate optimization 

VKT Program

Boost Ad Returns (B2C): Using AI and Data Science to accelerate your business

Focused Growth Marketing (B2B): Using Account-based targeting to identify high LTV (long term value) customers 

I am looking for: 

To drive brand awareness, generate leads and acquire new customers, by having a digital marketing strategy
To help your B2B salespeople engage and maintain relationships with customers remotely
To improve ROI from different digital channels by using data analytics and conversion rate optimisation
To reduce the revenue gap by uncovering alternate revenue streams for your business
Grant Application

We are passionate about helping Singapore based Local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and larger enterprises transform their business models, innovation and internationalization. With our certified Practicing Management Consultant (recognized by Enterprise Singapore), Vivien Koh, we work with our clients to transform their business with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC).

Some of our training programs are also supported by Skills Future (Singapore) and HRDF (Malaysia). 

Enterprise Development Grant is available for VKT GO Digital Program till the end of 2020.

[Local SG companies only: enquire about the grant here]

    • Up to 90% support for COVID-19 impacted industries

    • Up to 80% support for others


In-house or customized online workshop can be made available to your internal sales teams.

Drop us an email at info@vktransformation.com and we can discuss further details.

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