VK Transformation | Breaking Covid-19 Barriers Program
Breaking the Covid-19 Barriers
Online Program - Training 

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we want to do our part to help businesses to accelerate the transformation of sales and marketing during these challenging times with VKT Breaking the COVID-19 Barriers program.

VKT Breaking the Barriers Training Programs 2.0:

#1 Virtual Selling During Crisis 

This hands-on online program helps B2B salespeople who are struggling to defend their revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions. VKT Virtual Selling Readiness Diagnostics will be provided however, it is best to enroll for the full program to achieve the best results. 

Module 1: Redesign Lead Generation Strategy (3.5 hours)

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, we have to adopt an ‘always on’ approach in building our pipeline. Due to social distancing and massive lock downs, we have to look for new ways to engage and maintain our relationships with customers. 


This module covers: 

  • Navigating Online Tools

  • Analyzing lead generation activity for new business and account growth

  • Building online presence

  • Learning to discover, approach and connect with potential buyers

  • Learning about the network effect

Trainer: Julie Yeap

Module 2: Impactful Virtual Presentations (3.5 hours)


Since having virtual meetings and presentations are now the new normal, we need to learn how to multi-task in a virtual setting to not only present our thoughts clearly but also to create an impactful presentation using our voice, our body language and available tools.

This module covers: 

  • Creating a professional and trust-filled virtual environment when hosting the meeting

  • Applying business etiquette for virtual meetings and presentations

  • Enhancing your appearance, behaviour and communication skills to create an impactful presentation

  • Demonstrating your products/services effectively during the virtual meeting

Trainer: Vivien Koh

Module 3: Turn Virtual Discussions into Opportunities (3.5 hours)


Explore customer objectives and uncover pain points to turn initial discussions into opportunities. Minimize ‘losses’ instead of doing nothing by reaching out and engaging with customers during COVID-19. 

This module covers: 

  • Questioning techniques and other behavioural tools to uncover customer insights

  • Establishing and maintaining trust with a new customer in a virtual environment

  • Building momentum when decision makers are distracted and budgets are limited

  • Delivering value to your customers

  • Influencing techniques when building momentum

Trainer: Vivien Koh

Module 4: Virtual Selling and Pitching  (3.5 hours)


Develop specific skill sets in selling and pitching in a virtual environment using VKT virtual selling and pitching framework. 

This module covers: 

  • Dealing with objections in a virtual environment

  • Learning when is the right time to pitch and sell

  • Building rapport and trust with the audience before and during your sales pitch

  • Demonstrating how to do a sales pitch 

  • Mastering the Pitch Perfect Sprint

Class size: maximum of 12 participants for each half day session 

Funding: Up to 90% EDG funding support available for local SG companies till Dec 2020

Note: In-house or customized Virtual Selling Online workshop can be made available to your internal sales team.

#2 Business Innovation During Crisis (3.5 hours)

This hands-on online program helps business leaders to look for innovative ways to reduce the revenue gap and uncover alternate revenue streams to survive the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, using innovative tools like design thinking and business model innovation. 

 This 3.5-hour program covers:

  • Deep Dive: Change of Customer Behaviour

  • Redefine Value Offer Creation

  • Reinvent Your Business Model 

  • Execute New Business Model

Class size: maximum of 12 participants for each half day session 

Investment: S$190 per half day session (Discounted from S$250 to S$190)

Funding: Up to 90% EDG funding support available for local SG companies till Dec 2020

Note: In-house or customized Business Innovation Online workshop can be made available to your internal sales teams. Please Contact Us

Date: 28th May 2020 | Trainer: Vivien Koh

What Our Client Say About Our Programs


Vivien and her team supported us on our journey to transform our sales and customer service by deepening our engagement with our existing customers. With their strong analytics background and customer-centric/design thinking focus, relevant real business cases, communication strategies and service transformation blueprint were used by Vivien Koh and her team to facilitate group activities. This 1 day workshop has not just helped the sales and services participants to elevate their confidence and courage in overcoming internal and external customer escalations but also capturing customer insights and address customer issues more systematically by using frameworks and structures. The whole workshop was targeted to our case, highly interactive, and with real-life examples from our company.


The VKT team managed to capture a highly diverse audience with varying language levels and delivered key learnings, food for thought and a lot of fun in this compact and impactful format. I highly recommend working with team VKT if you've looking to transform sales, marketing & services in a way that is tailored to your needs and creatively targets your key issues. (If you prefer run-of-the-mill lectures your team can sleep through without missing much, this is not for you.)

-Sandra Wohlers, Head of HR

Trainer Profiles: 

Vivien Koh 

  • LinkedIn Social Icon
Founder & MD, VK Transformation
Practicing Management Consultant, ex-Google
  • Sales & Marketing: at least 20 years proven track record in sales & marketing leadership experience in Asia Pacific (Google, Oracle, DELL EMC)

  • Consultancy: Helping businesses to improve customer acquisition and retention, branding with digital sales & marketing transformation and data analytics

  • Entrepreneur: Vision to democratize management consultancy and make it available to as many businesses through VK Transformation and ANGieTM

  • Educator: Adjunct Professor at SMU

Julie Yeap 

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Specialist Adult Educator


  • Corporate Experience: More than 15 years with Ernst & Young (EY) Singapore and currently the Managing Director of a corporate training and executive coaching firm
  • Adult Educator: Approximately 15 years training adults
    • Adjunct Trainer with NTU
    • Adjunct Adult Educator with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL)
    • Certified Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant and Certified Colour and Image Consultant
  • Certified Organisational Coach: More than 10 years coaching executives

Sagar Roongta

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Business Analyst

Lead, VKT Data Analytics CoE

  • Business Analyst: formulate strategic marketing & business development plans and lead the VK Transformation Data Analytics Center of Excellence. 

  • Industry professional: with 4+ years of experience in the space of automotive, logistics, telecom, and e-commerce industry.

  • Education background: MBA graduate from Singapore Management University. He also holds a Master’s in Technology Management & a Bachelor’s in Engineering from NMIMS University, India. 

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