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Breaking the Covid-19 Barriers
Online Program - Training 

Companies are facing a learning curve as managers figure out how to lead their teams virtually and match employees to new roles and activities. 

VKT Breaking the Barriers Online Training Programs:

Business Transformation Programs

Leadership Innovation with Design Thinking

Challenge: With disruption brought about by the pandemic, there is a greater need to redesign and optimise user experiences. While organization complexity, isolated decision-making and disengagement from customers can hinder innovation, the key barrier remains a change in employee mindset.The design thinking led approach is able to facilitate this change and encourage calculated risk taking. 


How does VKT value-add to our participants? 

  • Identify what really matters to your target audience

  • Apply design methodologies to problem solve and innovate internally and externally 

  • Develop an understanding of how businesses can be “designed” using the design thinking innovative tools

  • Develop an appreciation of how to create designs for broader and varying contexts, that is, to be sensitive to the human, societal and physical environment needs

  • Build a culture of innovation in your company

Business Model Innovation

Challenge: COVID-19 has accelerated the need for disrupted businesses to reinvent their business models. To survive beyond this crisis, it is vital for businesses to look for quick ways and effective ways to reduce the revenue gap, uncover alternate revenue streams and fast track themselves in designing a digital first business model.


How does VKT value-add to our participants? 

  • Understand the current gaps in your business through a diagnosis

  • Assess the impact of the disruption on your business

  • Discover opportunities though the adoption of a customer centric mindset

  • Design an agile and actionable business model strategy using a proven framework

  • Learn new methodologies and approaches to navigate through the complexity of digital disruptions

  • Develop a strategic growth roadmap to move forward

Sales Transformation Programs

Virtual Selling

Challenge: With more than 90% of B2Bs having transitioned to virtual selling this period, many salespeople are facing new challenges in connecting with customers, maintaining relationships and closing deals remotely. Building a sales team with the right skills remains challenging. The skills required to thrive in the current environment have shifted, and sales professionals are working hard to expand their talents. 


How does VKT value-add to our participants? 

  • Understand the difference between face-to-face and virtual selling across the selling cycle

  • Navigate through digital tools in aid of the entire virtual selling cycle

  • Redesign a value proposition in this digital age

  • Create an engaging experience while establishing trust and credibility to develop customer relationships

  • Acquire techniques to uncover customer insights

  • Create a virtual selling game plan for success

Digital High Impact Sales

Challenge: Every aspect of the sales process has changed remarkably over the years, with its evolvement being accelerated in today’s challenging times. As sales representatives adapt to the new normal, companies have to adapt how they sell in the face of trying economic times and changes in customer habits, behaviours and journeys. 


How does VKT value-add to our participants? 

  • Embrace sales culture and successful sales habits

  • Uncover sales opportunities in this digital age

  • Adopt customer-centric Digital Sales tools 

  • Navigate influences through increasingly complex B2B organizations and decision makers

  • Overcoming objections and developing a perfect pitch

  • Adopt a sales operational excellence mindset

  • End to end effective forecast and pipeline management

  • Develop a game plan for business recovery using sales analytics and digital tools

As companies decide on strategies that will drive their business recovery, they need to map out which skill pools will disproportionately affect it and drive it. It is important to build a tool kit that will be useful no matter how an employee’s specific role may evolve. The skill building should be predominately digital and self-paced. To help companies reimagine and ramp up their business models, VKT offers tailored learning journeys that are able to close critical skill gaps to accelerate employees’ capabilities. Contact us if you are interested to engage us for in-house or customized workshop to meet your business goals. 

Our Past 90 Days Of Online Training Programs

Digital High Impact Selling Online Training Program

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B2B Cable Solutions Provider

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Singapore Business Federation

Business Model Innovation Online Training Program

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B2B Engineering Solutions Provider

Design Thinking and Innovation Online Training Program


SMU Academy

What Our Client Say About Our Programs



Vivien and her team supported us on our journey to transform our sales and customer service by deepening our engagement with our existing customers. With their strong analytics background and customer-centric/design thinking focus, relevant real business cases, communication strategies and service transformation blueprint were used by Vivien Koh and her team to facilitate group activities. This 1 day workshop has not just helped the sales and services participants to elevate their confidence and courage in overcoming internal and external customer escalations but also capturing customer insights and address customer issues more systematically by using frameworks and structures. The whole workshop was targeted to our case, highly interactive, and with real-life examples from our company.


The VKT team managed to capture a highly diverse audience with varying language levels and delivered key learnings, food for thought and a lot of fun in this compact and impactful format. I highly recommend working with team VKT if you've looking to transform sales, marketing & services in a way that is tailored to your needs and creatively targets your key issues. (If you prefer run-of-the-mill lectures your team can sleep through without missing much, this is not for you.)

-Sandra Wohlers, Head of HR

Trainer Profiles: 

14248_Vivien_2825_v2 (example) copy.jpg

Vivien Koh 

  • LinkedIn Social Icon
Founder & MD, VK Transformation
Practicing Management Consultant, ex-Google
  • Sales & Marketing: at least 20 years proven track record in sales & marketing leadership experience in Asia Pacific (Google, Oracle, DELL EMC)

  • Consultancy: Helping businesses to improve customer acquisition and retention, branding with digital sales & marketing transformation and data analytics

  • Entrepreneur: Vision to democratize management consultancy and make it available to as many businesses through VK Transformation and ANGieTM

  • Educator: Adjunct Professor at SMU


Sagar Roongta

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Business Analyst

Lead, VKT Data Analytics CoE

  • Business Analyst: formulate strategic marketing & business development plans and lead the VK Transformation Data Analytics Center of Excellence. 

  • Industry professional: with 4+ years of experience in the space of automotive, logistics, telecom, and e-commerce industry.

  • Education background: MBA graduate from Singapore Management University. He also holds a Master’s in Technology Management & a Bachelor’s in Engineering from NMIMS University, India. 

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