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We are passionate in helping businesses to accelerate their transformation journey by using digital marketing, branding and sales for driving revenue growth.

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Our outside-in approach brings a fresh, customer-centric approach to our solutions that will help you meet your business objectives quickly and effectively. Our three domains of expertise include:

Strategic Consulting 

Data-driven Strategic Consulting with our team of experts for customer acquisition and revenue growth.

360° Digital Marketing

Performance-driven 360° Digital Marketing solutions for driving awareness, engaging with the target audience and

boosting  sales


Hands-on training and development for empowering leaders to transform their businesses with our business practitioner experience-based insights     

Strategic Projects With Up To 80% Funding

For Singapore businesses, we aim to accelerate business model innovation as well as branding, marketing and sales transformation with our Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) projects that will help you achieve up to 80% government funding. These projects are supported by our Enterprise Singapore certified practicing consultant that will guide you through the whole process and help you achieve your business strategy, marketing and branding objectives while driving revenue growth.

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Kickstart your journey by reaching out to our team to better understand how we can help you design transformative business model, digital marketing, branding and sales solutions for your business needs! We will diagnose where your business is at, capture insights about your market, competition & customers, ideate new strategies and execute campaigns with iterative A/B testings to support your business transformation and drive sales performance. Take the first step now with VK Transformation.

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Odeon Towers

331 North Bridge Road Singapore 188720

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