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Our latest reports on the upcoming trends regarding digital disruption and transformation.
Read more to find out the latest trends and how it will impact you.


Harnessing the Power of Brand Perception and Data

Companies with strong brand perceptions experience revenue growth at double the rate of those with weak brands, according to Linearity. This statistic underscores the importance of building a strong brand. A strong brand can significantly enhance a business's profitability by:

  • Building trust and loyalty

  • Fostering customer recognition

  • Justifying premium pricing

  • Enhancing marketing efficiency

  • Attracting new customers

Discover how VKT can help you transform your branding and drive more sales performance. 

Other Newsletters

Edition 1

 No company is immune to the disruptive forces constantly reforming the way business is carried out. Industries that are in danger of disruption tend to be those where the gap in innovation between legacy enterprises and nimble startups has widened to a chasm.

Edition 2

Customer journeys have changed, technology is constantly disrupting the status quo and traditional customer acquisition methods have evolved. How do businesses balance new acquisition with sustainability?

Edition 4

In this edition, we will be addressing the struggles faced by those in the e-commerce industry regarding the interpretation of data. A sound data strategy and insight-driven approach can help retailers capture growth despite fierce competition.

Edition 5

As we are approaching a new decade, we would like to share our latest insights from the year end review of 2019. Some insights on customer win back strategy, digital transformation for 2020 and turning data into actionable insights.

March 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 7

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 virus has everyone on edge and organisations are experiencing tension from the uncertainties. Find out more about the business impacts and trends of the pandemic.

April 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 8

Our clients have been facing many challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. Read our newsletter to derive more insights on the top 3 challenges and how you can adapt your sales and marketing during this difficult time.

Edition 3

The importance of a sound brand strategy makes all the difference between you and your competitors. Read more insights into aligning your brand with your business here.

Edition 6

As we are approaching the new year, it’s time to wrap up 2019 and prepare for 2020! To make sure you head into the new year with confidence in business growth, here's our newsletter that comes with insights for you to do exactly that. Let's start off a new decade with a bang!

Rethink Your Business Recovery Strategy - August 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 9

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 crisis was, and remains to be extremely challenging, as it continues to cause significant disruptions in B2B businesses all over the world. Read our learnings from our client engagements during the crisis.

September 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 10

First introduced by Yahoo in 2005, “social commerce” has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, with social media’s continuously evolving influence. Learn more about how to accelerate your e-commerce revenue with social commerce.

December 2020 Newsletter.png
Edition 13

As we move on from a tough and tumultuous year for many businesses, we are faced with new opportunities and challenges with the onset of 2021. What trends will you encounter as your company shifts from survival mode to growth and acceleration mode?

October 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 11

One common concern among our B2B clients was why should they invest in digital marketing if their competitors are primarily offline? Find out why B2B companies should pivot by building a digital brand presence to drive sales revenue.

Win with Performance Marketing Cover Image.png
Edition 14

From generating quality leads within the first 2 hours to uncovering 5 different customer segments & their digital footprints, our founder reveals all the secrets from the ground. Get more insights in our newsletter.

June 2021 Newsletter.png
Edition 16

Are you struggling to come up with newer and better ways to increase your revenue? If your answer is a resounding YES, design thinking might be the panacea for your problems. Learn more about how you can incorporate design thinking into your business.

July 2021 Newsletter.png
Edition 17

Are you desperately seeking a way for your business to prevail against the forces of the formidable COVID-19 virus? Find out how performance and digital marketing can help you to accelerate your business transformation.

November 2020 Edition Newsletter.png
Edition 12

We have worked with numerous SME clients who experienced weak business performance because of an inability to properly utilise customer data. Find out how data science can maximise your digital marketing returns.

May 2021 Newsletter.png
Edition 15

The recent implementation of the heightened COVID-19 restrictions has invoked in many of us the uncanny feeling of deja-vu. What key branding insights do you need to know, especially in this time of turmoil and uncertainty?

Edition 18

Frustrated with not seeing results that can justify your paid performance marketing campaigns? It might be time to invest your time and efforts into complementary organic digital marketing efforts.

Edition 19

Are you losing out on customers by not engaging in social commerce? Check out our latest newsletter to find out how social commerce can help you to accelerate your business growth.

Edition 22

Not sure how to adapt to the new normal for businesses post-pandemic?

Edition 21

​Looking for faster results to drive your business growth post pandemic? Check out our latest newsletter to find out how Performance Marketing can help you to boost your business growth.

December 2021 Newsletter.png
Edition 23

Before we jump into 2022, let’s look back at our most memorable digital transformations of last year and see what we have achieved together.

_January 2022 Newsletter page.png
Jan 2022 Edition

Are you facing a rut when it comes to establishing a personal connection with your customers?

February 2022 Newsletter.png
Feb 2022 Edition

Did you know that influencer marketing is not just for B2C businesses?

March 2022 Newsletter.png
Mar 2022 Edition

Did you know? Due to the advent of technology, supply chains are undergoing drastic transformation. How you manage your supply chain can make or break your business!

June 2022 Newsletter.png
June 2022 Edition

Did you know? 87% of retailers consider omnichannel marketing to be critical to their success!

VKT September 2022 Newsletter (1).png
September 2022 Edition

Did you know? By 2025, 80% of B2B interactions will occur via digital channels!

VKT December 2022 Newsletter.png
December 2022 Edition

What A Year! Check Out VKT’s 2022 Year In Review

April 2022 Newsletter.png
Apr 2022 Edition

Did you know? According to Forbes, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%!

July 2022 Newsletter.png
July 2022 Edition

Did you know? Companies that are data-driven are 58% more likely to surpass their sales targets than those who are not!

October 2022 Newsletter.png
October 2022 Edition

Did you know? All around the globe, millions of brands are leveraging performance marketing to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth. 

January Newsletter 2023.png
January 2023 Edition

 According to a 2022 Knit Report, Gen Z makes up 40% of the global consumer population and has $600 billion in spending power. 

May 2022 Newsletter.png

Is your brand aligned with your target audience?

May 2022 Edition
August 2022 Newsletter.png
August 2022 Edition

Did you know? By 2025, 80% of B2B interactions will occur via digital channels!

VKT November 2022 Newsletter.png
November 2022 Edition

Did you know? 8 in 10 holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase!

February Newsletter 2023.png
February 2023 Edition

Did you know that 78% of salespeople engaged in digital selling are outselling their peers who are not?

March Newsletter 2023.png
March 2023 Edition

Did you know? According to Forbes, marketing assets can contribute over 50% of a company’s total value if the influence of branding and marketing efforts is correctly evaluated.

June Newsletter 2023.png
June 2023 Edition

Did you know that more than 50% of marketers believe that AI plays a crucial role in their marketing success? 

April Newsletter 2023.png
April 2023 Edition

Did you know? In 2023, more than 9 in 10 marketers are using video as part of their marketing strategy.

May Newsletter 2023.png
May 2023 Edition

Did you know? A CAGR of 24.3% is estimated for revenues from the online communities market. 


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