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Navigating Transformation: Digital Strategies for Family Businesses



In today's business landscape, family enterprises can navigate challenges and seize opportunities by embracing digital transformation. This improves their efficiency and competitiveness, which is essential for long-term success. We at VKT have driven significant growth for family businesses by elevating their online brand awareness, achieving a consistent 50% revenue YoY growth and gaining major B2B partnerships.\

To ensure sustained survival, family businesses must proactively drive transformation, swiftly adapting to a changing world. Those who embrace change will stand resilient in the competitive market.


In this newsletter, we will explore:


  • the transformative role of digitalisation in family businesses 

  • unlocking a robust legacy digital roadmap

  • empowering the next generation of tech talent

  • overcoming digital transformation obstacles in your family business journey

Ready for transformation? Let's delve right in now!


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Overcoming Digital Transformation Obstacles in Family Businesses

According to a recent survey by PwC, only 29% of Singaporean family businesses were confident of their digital capabilities compared to 38% global average. Having a smooth digital transformation is certainly not easy. Watch our video where we address the common concerns and practical steps for your organisation to have a smooth transition! 


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Embracing Change: The Crucial Role of Digitalisation for Family Businesses

Digital transformation is more than just technology. It’s about streamlining operations, boosting competitiveness and staying relevant in a sea of competition. Read on to discover how we helped a traditional family business transition to tech-savvy without losing uniqueness.

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Unlock Your Family Legacy Digital Roadmap for Success 

Despite the enthusiasm for digital transformation, family businesses can encounter setbacks in the absence of a strategic blueprint and the right implementation talent. Read to learn more on how you can build a digital vision and roadmap to effectively navigate the digital landscape.

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Empower Young Tech Talent To Future-Proof Your Family Business 

In today's digitally empowered landscape, the next generation, recognised as true digital natives, is wielding significant influence in 46% of robustly digital businesses. Read on to discover how the next generation works alongside non-family professionals to ensure the long-term success of the family business.


VKT offers Strategic Consulting, a full-fledged Digital Marketing Services and People Development Programme focused on accelerating your company's growth. Expect not only solutions in Performance Marketing but also a variety of other services ranging from Branding to Social Media Management.

With our experienced MRA & EDG Certified Consultant, VKT boasts a proven track record in achieving a 100% EDG application success rate with up to 50% funding. Take action today -  Contact Us for a virtual coffee chat to discover more about how you may start your digital marketing journey and leverage our expertise!


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For more information reach out to us on our website and feel free to share our newsletter.

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