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3x Your Performance: Turn Business Challenges into Opportunities with Digital Transformation


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As we embark on 2024, navigating digital transformation remains crucial, but daunting, with an 87.5% failure rate, according to a HBR report. This newsletter equips you with the tools to conquer this challenge and make it your year of transformative growth. We will unveil the secrets of developing a compelling digital business strategy, analyse the crucial growth driver elements and explore how adopting the "Head, Heart, and Hands" approach can triple your business performance. 

 Ready to build a resilient digital business strategy? Let’s get started now!


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Winning in Today’s Digital World Requires Bold Moves 

Is your business stuck in the "Kodak moment"?  90% of companies believe they need a business model makeover just to survive by 2025! Think big, think bold, think digital. The future belongs to those who dare to transform. Are you ready to win over your competitors? Watch our video to learn how to develop a compelling digital business strategy! 



Drive Growth in 2024 & Beyond With The Essential Digital Business Strategy Elements

Smart Insights reveals that many businesses lack a defined digital or integrated marketing strategy with 48% of businesses engaged in digital marketing do not have a defined digital plan or strategy. Having a digital business strategy is critical for providing a clear and consistent direction for your business to grow. Read on for more insights! 


How Well Do You Know Your Digital Business Strategy?

Digital transformation is not a walk in the park! A recent HBR report revealed a daunting 87.5% average digital transformation failure rate. Businesses’ inability to navigate the digital transformation initiatives through uncertainties and continuously reinvent themselves.  Read on to discover how to craft your business strategy to propel your organisation towards success.


Test and Learn Your New Digital Business Strategy

According to Forbes, 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. As digital transformation is a complex and ongoing process, there is no one-size-fits-all digital transformation strategy and businesses need to pay attention to key factors while refining and iterating their digital strategy. Read on to discover how to test and learn your new business strategy.


Unlocking Digital Business Transformation Success with Head, Heart and Hands Approach 

Nearly three times as many companies achieved sustained performance improvement when they fully engaged the Head, Heart, and Hands approach, a holistic framework for transformation, compared to those who didn't. Read on to learn more about this framework and explore how it has helped organisations such as Microsoft succeed.


VKT offers Strategic Consulting, a full-fledged Digital Marketing Services and People Development Programme focused on accelerating your company's growth. Expect not only solutions in Performance Marketing but also a variety of other services ranging from Branding to Social Media Management.

With our experienced MRA & EDG Certified Consultant, VKT boasts a proven track record in achieving a high EDG application success rate with up to 50% funding. Take action today -  Contact Us for a virtual coffee chat to discover more about how you may start your digital marketing journey and leverage our expertise!


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For more information reach out to us on our website and feel free to share our newsletter.

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