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Case Study: LOOQAL

As a solo founder of an early-stage startup, I have to be involved in all aspects of my business. While aiming to shift consumers' behaviour towards living and shopping more sustainably, it was pivotal for me to find new ways to increase the success rate and shorten the time to achieve it for LOOQAL, a platform for conscious brands and sustainable lifestyle products.

Proposed Solution:

I chanced upon VK Transformation (VKT) via their Google Ads. After our chemistry session, I embarked on a regional business model transformation programme with Vivien and her team


The team helped to

  • Uncover new potential markets and identify the right customer segments across the Asia Pacific region with VKT’s in-depth research and data-driven approach

  • Strengthen LOOQAL’s value proposition to distinguish itself from other competitors

  • Improve the scalability of the LOOQAL platform

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