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March 2022 | INSIGHTS

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Did you know? Due to the advent of technology, supply chains are undergoing drastic transformation. How you manage your supply chain can make or break your business!

In order to better plan for the future, leaders must analyse how they can proactively prepare for future unanticipated supply chain and demand shocks. While no one can predict what will happen tomorrow, we can start preparing for future changes by developing smarter global supply chains now.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that changes at the organisational level have an impact on all employees in a firm. As a result, organisational change has a tendency to be felt more deeply and over a longer length of time. Thus, it is critical for businesses to be able to handle organisational changes effectively.


To implement change effectively, organisations should seek to systematically increase the driving forces for change, and decrease resisting forces, according to Kurt Lewin’s Force-Field Theory. These can be achieved using Kurt Lewin’s three-stage theory of change, which is commonly referred to as Unfreeze, Change, and Freeze (or Refreezing).

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There is much to be learned when it comes to change management, as it is such an important topic that businesses must internalise in order to manage change effectively. This month, the VK Transformation team was thrilled to have Dr. Yong Hsin Ning host our change management sharing session, for one of our ongoing projects in the health industry.


Here are some of our key takeaways from the insightful session:

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Interested to learn more real-life applications of change management? Check out how Lego, and Coca-Cola have successfully implemented change management here:


Supply chain management can be defined as the control of the flow of goods and services from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption. It is critical in this era of globalisation, as organisations strive to provide customers with the greatest quality products and meet all of their demands.


Effective supply chain management requires an understanding of the supply chain process. The supply chain process is divided into five parts as follows:

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On the topic of supply chain management, the VK Transformation team was really excited to have Mr Gopal Varutharaju host a supply chain sharing  session for one of our ongoing projects on an omnichannel. Here are some of our key takeaways from the fruitful and highly insightful session:

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Only by embracing change and by taking steps to implement change successfully, will organisations be able to fully reap the benefits of a modernised supply chain. The first step towards embracing change is for businesses to first consider why and how they have to modify long-standing supply chain procedures. With the potential benefits in mind, businesses and their stakeholders will be more receptive towards change.


As such, adopting a forward-thinking mindset is required to have a successful transformation. This entails considering the company's future prospects in light of the pressures and trends that affect its competitive position, as well as changing consumer expectations in an increasingly digital landscape. It is also important to set goals and expectations in order for change to be effectively implemented, and these goals can include:

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Wondering how other companies have done it? Check out how Kellogg’s, HP, and Nike have successfully implemented change management to conquer supply chain disruptions here:

Maximise the Potential of Your Supply Chain Through Effective Change Management

With our experienced EDG Certified Consultant, VK Transformation is enthusiastic about helping B2B and B2C businesses accelerate their business model, brand, and marketing. As you and your business go through this supply chain management process, our strategic consulting wing can help you with diagnosis, strategy, and execution. 

VKT boasts a proven track record in achieving a high EDG application success rate with up to 70% funding. So wait no longer, and contact us for a virtual coffee chat to discover more about how you may start your supply chain transformation and leverage our expertise!



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