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Can We Write Off WhatsApp Just as Yet?

The new Whatsapp privacy policy has sent its 2 billion users into panic mode. Group chats have been pinging, comparing Whatsapp vs Signal vs Telegram. Elon Musks’ Thursday tweet, “Use Signal” added to the madness (and to Signal’s user count). As consumers hover over Whatsapp’s delete button, our concerned business clients also question the kind of data Facebook would see. So, what does Whatsapp’s new privacy policy mean for you?

As per Whatsapp’s official statement ( your private messaging data will not be seen by Facebook. With that out of the way, what can Facebook actually see? Facebook already has access to a lot of data like phone numbers, transaction data, IP addresses and more. The new update focuses on the integration of the 50 million Whatsapp Business Accounts with Facebook, and its family of products. Business Accounts can choose to share client chat data with Facebook for better communication. So, should you delete Whatsapp?

We’d say hold your horses. If you are using a Whatsapp Business Account, deleting it could mean losing a vast pool of users. That being said, keep a watchful eye on where your customers are moving to so you can make a shift if needed in the future.

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