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Case Study: Swift Bridge Technologies

With the COVID-19 outbreak and wide-scale lockdowns by the governments around the world over the past few months, like many businesses we were looking for new ways to reduce widening revenue gaps between our sales forecast and actual sales.

Proposed Solution:

We engaged Vivien Koh and her team to upskill and transform our sales team by helping with the adoption of new virtual selling techniques and strategies so that we can better navigate through our business recovery.


Vivien and her team crafted a very interactive program customized to our needs to guide us through the move to virtual selling in the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to sales pipeline and forecasts. They were very encouraging and extensively provided us with both internal help relating to optimizing our culture for this change as well as external help in the adoption of new tools. Their help was extremely beneficial to my team and I believe we will be utilizing the takeaways from Vivien’s Digital High Impact Sales Framework for a long time to come! Thanks, Vivien and VKT Team for your partnership at a time when it matters most. I highly recommend business leaders to consider working with Vivien and her team if you’re looking to transform your sales and marketing in this digital age.

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