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Case Study: Unique Ones






Being a new business in the space of soaps and soap-making workshops, like many businesses we were looking for new ways to establish our foot strongly in the market, enhance our appeal towards our customers and thereby generate higher revenue.

Proposed Solution:

VK Transformation helped us dissect and better understand our customers. They helped transform our website design & development within a short period of time that appeals to our target customers, augmenting our brand image. With a performance-driven approach, the team helped to develop customer-centric Facebook advertising strategies aimed at differentiating from our competitors, improving scalability & strengthening our digital brand presence.


Within a span of 4 weeks, the ads managed to generate over 100K impressions with over 2K clicks with several potential leads. VK Transformation’s dedication and professionalism are commendable. Their swift responses and clear strategies helped us accelerate our go-to-market. We have learnt a lot! I would recommend working with VKT for anyone looking for an agile, energetic & dedicated team with full-fledged marketing expertise to help improve your sales performance.

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