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Case Study: ActivHealth


Increase in revenue

3 years

Omnichannel Roadmap designed


To stay ahead of the curve and re-establish ourselves as a premier distributor of high-quality health and nutritional supplements, it was essential for us to undergo a Business Model Transformation strategic consulting project with VK Transformation (VKT)

Proposed Solution:

With prioritisation of key focus areas, VKT designed a comprehensive three-year omnichannel strategic roadmap, go-to-market strategy and implementation plan in support of achieving our business goals of operational excellence, acceleration of customer acquisition and improvement in customer retention, through digital transformation.


The consulting team collaborated with strategic advisors to conduct three workshops for our employees, which equipped each employee with the supply chain management, digital marketing & change management knowledge they require to adapt to changes in the organization. VKT had also run a 3-month Performance Marketing pilot campaign which opened our eyes to the immense potential and importance of digital marketing.

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