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Case Study: All Kurma


Store traffic increase


Revenue increase year on year


RoAS during peak period


With growing competitive pressures, changing consumer behavior and new technological advancements, one of our clients wanted to venture into the direct-to-consumer space after being a distributor of snacks in the wholesale snack industry. The main aim was uncover new customer segments, build and develop their own private label brand to gain more control over their relationship with end customers while still achieving a healthy revenue growth.

Proposed Solution:

VK Transformation was enabled for efforts in Business Model Transformation under the Enterprise Development Grant program. Our team took to a rigorous performance driven market research to identify the new customer segments and actionable insights on market trends, competition and customer segments in order to enhance competitiveness and achieve incremental revenue growth.


At the end of the project, VKT designed a blueprint for Business Model Transformation for wholesale/distribution business of which had helped the client to improve their brand presence and achieve sustainable growth.

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