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2021 Digital Branding, Marketing & Sales Trends

Over the years, VK Transformation has been able to garner rich data from client interactions and experiences. A look at the data-driven predictions of 2021 will allow your company to be better prepared to move beyond crisis management and head towards accelerated growth. Our team has used insights to pick the following as the top digital branding, sales and marketing trends of 2021:

➡️ Account Based Marketing for B2B Companies

With 73% of B2B respondents practicing account based marketing to ensure that they are targeting the right stakeholders, we believe that the qualitative approach of ABM will rise as a winning strategy for many B2B companies to increase ROIs.

➡️ Omnichannel Marketing for B2C Companies

With 287% higher purchase rates than single channels, adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy with a seamless integration of multiple channels will increase your brand equity across all client touch points.

For a thorough account of exciting 2021 digital branding, sales and marketing trends that the VKT Team foresees and how to go about them, check out the 2020 VKT Year-End Newsletter here:

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