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A Content Marketing Guide to SEO

How content marketing improves SEO

While many have debated about the effectiveness of content marketing vs SEO, we think a sweet combination of the two is the way to go. On one hand, SEO strategies increase page visibility & traffic via keywords, on the other hand, content marketing helps build a relationship with clients through relevant and useful content.

New, regular content speeds up this 4-6 month long SEO success cycle by increasing website traffic & link building as more people want to see and share your content. Bonus: more Google crawls for your website! That’s why, according to Hubspot, 72% of marketers think content marketing is their most effective SEO tactic.

Simply put, “SEO makes demands, Content marketing fulfills those demands

How VKT helps B2B & B2C clients with SEO content marketing strategy

VKT has helped clients to reach their brand awareness and conversion goals by driving traffic to the website through content creation in multiple forms. Be it blogs, newsletters, EDMs or videos, VKT has done it all, and quite successfully. Here are some important steps to master the art of SEO driven content marketing.

1. Keyword research:

This is the most important step in uncovering what your user is searching for. The appropriate use of tools like Google Keyword Planner & AnswerThePublic will help you discover keyword ideas that should be part of your SEO strategy. Finding related keywords to your business would help to optimize your website so that people can more easily find your business online. Good keyword research can also influence your website navigation, making it more user friendly. At VKT, we constantly update our keyword knowledge as we onboard and maintain client websites to ensure complete optimization.

2. Linkback-worthy content:

We strive to create relevant & engaging content that users would want to see and share. A B2C client that onboarded in December saw the visibility of their brand grow online due to their investment in our content marketing strategies. They observed an increase in their page views by almost 697.1% compared to previous months because of interesting blog content to keep their audience engaged. The newsletter had a higher than industry average open rate of 26.8% and click through rate of 4.1%, with the added bonus of conversions once they reached the website.

3. Incorporating keywords into the content:

Apart from using keywords on website pages as part of the SEO strategy, we also weave in relevant long tail and short tail keywords in our content so that it is easily discoverable by users. Long tail keywords can be found through the tool AnswerThePublic and they can help you understand what your audience is asking so that you can answer their queries through your content. Pro tip: Long tail keywords are less competitive, so you have a better chance at driving traffic if you qualitatively incorporate them into your next blog!

4. Updating content regularly:

We believe in keeping our content fresh, interesting & relevant. Apart from appealing to the users, updating your content will also help to improve your Google Rankings. In recent years, Google has increased the number of updates to its algorithm which has significantly impacted SERP, including the “Freshness algorithm” to ensure more updated content ranks better. Thus, generating up-to-date content will get more Google crawlers to your website, making your page more likely to appear higher in search results. With VKT, we will ensure fresh content is churned out that will keep your audience, and Google, coming back for more!

5. Tracking your ranking:

Monitoring and tracking comes with execution. Seeing what works and what does not is part of the process and VKT aims to constantly optimize content from our learnings. This includes tracking the keywords you use as well as competitor keywords. Using tools like Google Search Console to decipher what leads to better or worse rankings helps you spot your problem areas. As part of this ever-evolving cycle of SEO content marketing, the last cue is to execute, track and improve.

So, what should be your first step?

Boost your search ranking with VKT as we create SEO-driven content to grow your brand & drive conversions. Want to know more? Join us for a virtual coffee chat to see how we can advance your digital transformation efforts

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