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Are we prepared for virtual selling?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Sales representatives are currently facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to selling and connecting with customers online during the COVID-19 situation. Despite sales representatives thriving in a face-to-face environment, they are now transiting to virtual selling to overcome today's challenges. From my firsthand experience, I would like to share the top 3 challenges faced when it comes to selling in a virtual environment:

1. Navigate through digital tools in aid of virtual selling As virtual presentation and communication become the new norm, I have met with deep learning curves with this abrupt transition. I was naive to think that I could apply the use of a traditional in-person sales approach and expect it to work online by just engaging through video conferencing. While facing the technical complexities, I quickly decided to take a more customer centric approach and navigate through digital tools to lead my sales process.

2. Engage and build customer relationships remotely

From my engagement with clients on the ground, one of the most daunting questions in mind was how to effectively engage and build customer relationships remotely. With this abrupt transition, I had to uplift my social selling skills by reaching out to my direct network actively through social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn. This has also led to a stronger collaboration with my marketing team to improve our communication and digital marketing strategies to deliver our value proposition and strengthen customer relationships.

3. Deliver a perfect virtual sales pitch As I have been in both Inside and Field Sales capacity over the past 20 years, I may be skilled and experienced in selling, pitching and maintaining relationships during face to face engagement. However, I soon came to realize that is not true for virtual selling. I have to rethink how to deal with objections, pitching at the right time and delivering the perfect virtual sales pitch to land the deals remotely.

With these challenges in mind, my team and I at VK Transformation have put together the Region’s First Virtual Selling Online Training Program that features 4 training modules that we think will help sales representatives adopt virtual selling attributes to perfect their virtual sales pitch.

We offer in-house or customized online training for companies. For local SG companies, up to 90% EDG funding support is available. Please email or call +65 68165301 to inquire.

Signing off,

Vivien Koh Founder & Managing Director

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