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Business Model Transformation Training for Elmich Pte Ltd

As the pandemic brings about significant disruptions globally, business transformations have become imperative. However, this is a complex step which requires immense commitment from all stakeholders of a company. Just last week, I concluded the 2nd half of a programme to help a client develop their strategic business growth plan.

While most participants of my e-workshops typically dial in individually and work together online, one of the groups gathered in a room (whilst being compliant with safe distancing measures), set up a projector, and joined our Zoom session together. Their innovation allowed them to work using a hybrid model of online and offline collaboration, which facilitated interaction and a more convenient bouncing off of ideas. At the end, the teams managed to cross-pollinate ideas and came up with a few innovative initiatives to add to their business roadmap.

In light of the disruption caused by the pandemic, VKT provides a variety of customised services which are supported by the Enterprise Development Grant. During this recovery phase, it is vital for firms to take the right actions, to not only ensure survival, but recover to a winning position. Please feel free to reach out to us for a chat to explore what we can do for you.

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