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Commemorating Social Media Day!

Did you know that today is Social Media Day? It is observed annually on June 30th to commemorate how social media has transformed the way people interact, communicate, and share with family, friends, and the world.

If we know how to use it, social media can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach their customers. It can bring remarkable success to your business, creating loyal brand advocates, and even driving leads and sales. After learning the new way of engaging customers through digital platforms, I have made a conscious decision 2 years ago by having to share vision, learnings, successes, and failures to connect and engage with our target audience and followers on our Social Media platform. Customer behaviors and preferred interactions have also changed significantly, and while they will continue to shift, businesses and individuals should leverage Social Media to communicate the value they will bring to consumers and how they are best positioned to resolve problems moving forward.

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