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Creativity Unleashed Through Design Thinking

Instead of getting stuck in planning or discussing what could be done better, Design Thinking, a customer-centric approach to problem-solving mandates us to “build to think” create a scrappy prototype and iterate to transform business ideas into action. As an Adjunct Faculty, our founder has concluded yet another enriching and transformative 13 weeks journey with SMU Undergraduates across various interdisciplinaries through Project-based Learning, Business Capstone. After two semesters of online teaching, face to face teaching was revived at SMU.

While digitalisation and online collaboration/teaching is key, the F2F journey has also brought about compelling advantage which maximises the growth potential of each class as undergraduates has the ability to gain a first-hand opportunity to undergo real-time interactions in class with Design Thinking’s “Build to Think” Application in ideation and prototyping.

One of her programs involved a start-up that has been eager on transforming their business and has been embarking on Research and Development of Chinese-Style Soup Recipe Tasting with the aim of launching into the market in the coming months. With the age of digitalisation, there was a strong need of building brand awareness and accelerating their revenue stream via digital channels to acquire customers and drive revenue growth.

The face to face Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking teaching was most appreciated by both faculty and students which led to more engagement, better team dynamics and creativity in designing prototypes. Empathy was also put to work with real-life soup tasting and viewing of the prototypes that had helped the students to build a more appealing packaging for the product.

To find out more about taking your first step to EDG-Aided Business Model Transformation, contact us here:

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