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Design Thinking for Marketing and Sales

2 days ago, I got the amazing opportunity to conduct a masterclass on Design Thinking for Marketing and Sales in collaboration with the Nordic Chamber of Commerce Philippines.

In a poll conducted on Covid-19’s impact on participants’ sales and marketing, most indicated that they were experiencing longer selling cycles/delayed customer decision making followed by deals on hold/cancelled as well as budget cuts, which are largely consistent with my observations. Like many of VKT’s clients, many participants also came forward with questions on how to go digital, how to find out which approach is appropriate for their business and which digital tools to use, and we had an interactive session discussing these issues.

As a Design Thinking practitioner embracing “fail fast learn fast”, it was good to see the high level of interactions we had during the Masterclass. I’m thankful for the opportunity to interact with local and overseas counterparts and share more on how Design Thinking can be used as an approach to counter complexity in Sales and Marketing, especially in these uncertain times where most businesses remain affected by the pandemic. Should you require any help in these aspects, please feel free to reach out for a chat at:

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