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Digital High Impact Sales Training for Swift Bridge Technologies

While digital technologies can enhance processes, the lack of a right mindset to change can deter employees from reaping the benefits of these technologies and impede the company’s progress in today’s digital world. This is especially so, if employees perceive digital transformation as a threat, which might lead to their unconscious or conscious resistance towards the change. I concluded a Digital High Impact Sales training program this week, where some participants experienced hesitance towards digital transformation. Over the course of 2 weeks, I put myself in their shoes, recognised their worries and understood their stance, thereafter refining our strategies to help them embrace digital transformation and understand the importance of ‘learning by doing’, which can be quite shunned upon with seniority, as it is often accompanied by multiple failures. I had a fulfilling experience witnessing their transformation, and it was heartening to see peers from my generation slowly opening their hearts up to this digital storm, from creating their own Linkedin profiles to committing to using a wider array of digital tools throughout the sales process right from prospecting. #swiftbridgetechnologies #digitalhighimpactsales #digitalsales #b2b #digitaltransformation #salestransformation

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