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Digital Selling Framework

Last week, I shared my two cents on the changing customer journeys companies have been experiencing. The B2B buying journey is likewise; over the past few months, my team and I at VKT have been busier than ever, with many of our clients approaching us with the intention of easing their transition into virtual selling, given the continuation of social distancing and remote working, on top of the prolonged halt on travel, which has severely impacted the traditional ways of conducting sales. All these, accompanied by customers’ rapidly changing needs and buying behaviour.

To cope with changes like these, VK Transformation has developed a three-pronged Digital Selling Framework, aimed at helping companies:

- Adapt and optimize

- Deliver value to clients

- Protect revenue

Through our Digital High Impact Sales program, participants can expect to be equipped with a toolbox targeted at these 3 areas, to dig deeper into the transition from face-to-face to digital selling, and navigate through this challenging process. To find out more about the techniques, methodologies and tools, please sign up for the Leading a High Performance Sales Team program that I will be conducting, starting from 15 Sept, over 4 sessions:

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