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Every Customer Journey is Different

Recently, my team, students and I have been gathering insights on our client’s customer journeys. While much of a customer’s journey has moved online, with social media playing an increasingly big role in a customer’s purchase decision, what is clear is that every customer journey is different, with no single path to purchase. It is thus important to build a complete customer experience, winning the moment of truth with your target audience, reaching out to them at every interaction, to get them to a common final goal of conversion.

As with customer journeys, marketing has evolved over the years, and is continuing to change today. Having worked with many different clients on marketing and sales consultancy projects, and managing a startup myself, I completely understand that finding the right approach to reach out to one’s customers is no walk in the park.

Next week, I will be kick starting my Marketing & Social Media module in the Mini MBA Program with the Foundation of International Management Education (IME). I am thrilled to share more about Marketing in today’s context, and explore its intricacies with my students. Details can be found here at Signups for the Sept 2020 and Jan 2021 intakes are still available!

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