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How Data Science Can Maximise Your Digital Marketing Returns

Over the past few years, VKT has worked with numerous SME clients who experienced weak business performance despite their strong unique selling propositions, because of a lack of sales and marketing expertise, as well as an inability to properly utilise customer data.

With the advent of the digital age and the rise of e-commerce with Covid-19, the use of data science and artificial intelligence (AI), as tools in marketing, have become imperative to differentiate from the increasing competition. This is especially so for businesses who have built and grown a sizeable presence but have hit a growth ceiling. In this month’s edition of VKT’s newsletter, we address the importance of data science for your e-commerce business and introduce the competencies of our partner,, whose AI engine, despite being one of the most affordable in the market, takes just 30 days to improve your RoAS. In fact, in just 3 weeks, Far East Flora Singapore managed to accelerate their growth profitability, with RoAS increasing by 21.75%, while AOV shot up by 20.33%.

Find out more about how data science can maximise your digital marketing returns here:

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