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How Digital was Leveraged in the US Presidential Elections 2020

Over the past few months, we witnessed one of the most unusual U.S. presidential campaigns in history amidst a pandemic. Both candidates, whether it was Trump who was no stranger to the internet, or Biden, who has joked that he needs his granddaughter’s help to use his cell phone, were forced off the traditional campaign trail to highly leverage digital.

“Digital is the new field,” said Democratic strategist Tim Lim. “You’re basically taking 80 to 100 years of political organizing and throwing it out the window.” From having to completely reimagine national conventions to finding new ways of reaching out, the internet played a more integral role than ever before. With the surmountable spend on FB and Google Ads, what can Marketers learn from the U.S. Presidential election?

Social media ad spending for political campaigns hit record high with each candidate spending more on FB than the combined spending in 2016, and both parties launched mobile applications. The internet has revolutionized many fields, including politics, and we cannot wait to see how it will transform others.

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