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Importance of Digital Sales and Marketing for B2B Firms

“Why should I invest in digital marketing if my competitors are primarily offline?” In recent months, I have been hit with this question from my clients, especially those from traditional industries.

While many companies might have been hesitant to dive into digital sales and marketing not too long ago, Covid-19 has forced B2B buyers to go digital. What started out as a crisis response has become the new norm which has big implications for how buyers and sellers will engage in the future.

With over 71% of B2B researchers beginning their research with generic Google searches, and 67% of purchases being influenced by digital even in industrial and manufacturing industries, the use of digital platforms in the B2B customer journey has become integral. In fact, as we conducted quick research for our clients, we found that many of their competitors have made efforts to increase their digital presence, no matter how small. It is imperative for businesses to adopt a digital-first mindset which is no longer a matter of if, but when.

For more information on why B2B companies should pivot by building a digital brand presence, grow, and accelerate their digitalisation to drive sales revenue and how we can help, keep a lookout for VKT's October newsletter that will be released next week!

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