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Leading a High Performance Sales Team during the Covid-19 pandemic

While the majority of the sales leaders understand and have started using digital channels due to the pandemic, it is not as simple as just moving to a digital space. The increased array of channels, devices and platforms require firms to be more thoughtful in creating effective digital interactions and accompanying sales processes. As sales representatives adapt to the new normal, companies have to adjust how they sell in the face of trying economic times and forced change of customer habits. Apart from the change in priorities, buyers have become more empowered by increased information access through the internet. As Sales Leaders, how do you support your sales teams in running the end-to-end sales process from home? I am excited to conduct a 'Leading a High-Performance Sales Team' workshop that will be held in SMU on the 21st and 22nd July 2020. At this 2-day interactive workshop, you will learn the art & science of sales management frameworks and approaches which will help you address the four key pillars of sales leadership effectiveness in a constantly changing and complex selling-buying environment to achieve sustainable revenue growth. If interested, please sign up via #transformationleadership #salestransformation #smusg #digitaltransformation

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