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Mentoring with SCAPEentrepreneurship

Last Friday, I attended a networking session under the SCAPEentrepreneurship programme, where I mentored four young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds (Vine Music Studio Singapore, Ransack ,Antgage,Legacy Dance Co.)

As much as entrepreneurship can be rewarding, there will be tough times as well. Having started my own business for some time now, I fully understand the difficulties that new business owners face. One of the topics we discussed was how to prepare for a pitch at demo day, an event where startups are given the opportunity to pitch their business to investors. Here are some tips I gave them, on how to get noticed at this crucial event:

  • Know the profile of your audience so that you can tailor your pitch to those you would like to target

  • Start strong and end strong with your story telling and complement it with your slides

  • Quantify the problem you’re trying to solve

  • Present your “Ask” at the end of your pitch - What do you want out of it? It need not be monetary, it could be related to connection or advice

It was a joy mentoring these entrepreneurs, encouraging them whilst challenging them to reach their full potential. It is a heartening sight, to see our young so passionate, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

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