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Now is the time to go Direct-to-Consumer for B2B companies

With rapid emerging technology and improved access to information, being on the ground, I have first-hand experiences in witnessing B2B marketers catching up with their B2C counterparts. They are leveraging digital platforms for outreach to create more personalized connections via content marketing strategies.

Roughly 80% of B2B companies are actively exploring ways to shift their go-to-market strategies away from in-person channels towards digitalization. For B2B companies selling their products through traditional means, this change in consumer behaviour calls for an opportunity to transition to a direct-to-consumer (DTC) model.

With a strong focus on B2B Digital Growth and experience across diverse B2C industries, VKT has been helping our clients from diverse industries in acquiring and retaining customers using ROI-driven marketing campaigns. VKT’s integrated DTC Program provides our clients with a one stop marketing solution to discover, build, market & optimize to help them take control of their customer database (analytics) and experience.

Here’s an interesting read on how B2B Sellers became DTC brands during the pandemic: If your business is thinking of pivoting to DTC, we are here to help.

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