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Pivoting to Virtual Sales

Prior to the pandemic, B2B companies were already pivoting to increasing virtual sales through the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to closing. With the onset of Covid-19, this transition was accelerated, with more than 90% of B2Bs having transitioned to a virtual sales model during this period. Accompanying this, sales technology, virtual sales intelligence and virtual sales best practices have become imperative.

B2B sellers have become more proactive with data, with every category of sales technology, from networking platforms, email tracking tools to CRM seeing increased usage this year. While sales technology can significantly increase effectiveness, the key lies in understanding customers’ changing needs and behaviours and successfully integrating these tools into one’s selling process, and this has significantly challenged many firms.

Over the past few months, VKT has conducted many workshops to help our B2B clients from various industries pivot towards virtual sales. Our bespoke program, Virtual Selling & Digital High Impact Sales, has helped companies to map out the essential skills needed to drive their business recovery. Learn more about our 3-step training framework here:

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