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Shoot Your Shot

Making COVID-19 Your Launchpad for Moonshots

Still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19?

It might be time to change your mindset.

It has been almost 2 years since the onset of this all-consuming global pandemic and businesses are still building themselves back up as new laws and regulations as well as new customer behaviours keep disrupting the foundations of what they have built. At this point, instead of just focusing on short term progress, what your organization may need is to take a long-term view to transform. It is time to change the narrative. Viewing COVID-19 not just as a crisis but as an opportunity to grow and innovate is essential for your business to emerge as a winner in this digital age.

🌓 New Roads for the Brave to Tread

About 67% of executives believe that COVID-19 provides a big opportunity for growth. On the other hand, only 30% of executives feel confident enough to actually face any changes.

This presents a big gap between those who can see this opportunity and those who will actually seize it.

Falling in love with the problem is the first rule of Moonshot Thinking. Allowing yourself to become comfortable with the problem and its uncertainties helps you to appraise it as a challenge and not a threat. Being fearless in a world of safe players might be your ticket to success. Playing it safe is good for achieving your short term goals, but for 10X growth, you need to take a leap.

🌕 History as a Homage to the Risk-Takers

The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that innovators during this crisis actually outperformed their competitors by 10% during the crisis and by almost 30% post-crisis. During this period, the low innovating firms were driven out of the markets and only the risk-takers found themselves rewarded. Can you imagine the current landscape without Uber, Whatsapp, Venmo and Dropbox? All of these, and many others, were Moonshots launched during this crisis.

COVID-19’s changing customer patterns and lifestyles present a unique opportunity for firms to bring to life new and innovative ideas that will help solve emerging challenges.

🌗 The Moonshot Blueprint

According to the ESADE’s Infinite Learning Framework, the process of Moonshot Thinking can be broken down into 5 steps:

1️⃣ Moonshot thinking: This refers to resetting our operating system and thinking of 10x growth, not 10% growth.

2️⃣ Moonshot launch: Here is when you ‘unlearn’ what you know about exponential technologies so you can challenge assumptions and think creatively.

3️⃣ Moonshot landing: Experimentation is key for Moonshots to work. Trying out your prototypes in the real world, failing, learning and trying again is a process you need to get with.

4️⃣ Transform yourself: If you want to change the world, first bring the change within yourself. Equip yourself with the needed skills and mindset to make this work.

5️⃣ Transform your company: Moonshot Thinking means a cultural shift in how your organization functions. Cultivating this mindset amongst your employees is essential for your company to grow and take full advantage of the process.

How Can You Transform Your Organization with Moonshot Mindsets?

Still uncertain about how to shoot your shot? We got you covered.

Our founder, Vivien Koh, Xoogler and Sales & Marketing veteran of 20 years in the tech industry, has been helping organizations to shift their mindsets towards 10X growth with an assortment of transformational training programmes. She is excited to conduct a 3-week long Moonshot Thinking training programme with a regional team, starting this week.

As a Google Certified Partner, VK Transformation is passionate about helping B2B and B2C businesses accelerate their business model, brand and marketing transformation with our experience and proven track record EDG programmes, grants available up to 80% for SMEs & 60% for non-SMEs. Join us for a virtual coffee chat to learn more about how you can leverage our expertise to reach for the moon:

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