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The 6 Must-Have Elements of Branding

Did you know? The non-visual aspects of your branding ecosystem account for upwards of 90% of the whole brand!

At first look, the notion of a brand may appear straightforward. However in reality, branding is significantly much more comprehensive, and there are many elements that go into a company’s brand. Based on our experience on the ground, we have been helping businesses to stay relevant by modifying their brand elements such as logos, slogans, typography etc. to fit the times or appeal towards younger target audience.

Every successful brand is made up of a variety of elements, each of which is distinct, but they all work together to form a cohesive and distinguished brand strategy. So, what are the elements that make up a brand?

📌 The Elements of Branding

1️⃣ Brand Name

The brand name is one of the most important aspects of the overall image. A brand name is the words that define your company and what you have to offer to the public, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

It serves as the brand's initial point of contact and the first opportunity to plant a seed in the audience's minds about why it should be remembered.

2️⃣ Brand Logo

Your company's logo is crucial to its branding, as it is one of the most identifiable components of your brand. Although a logo does not make or break a brand, it is one of the first visual elements through which consumers identify brands.

The logo is the aspect of a brand that most people connect with. It's very visual and provokes a reaction from customers by using certain colours, fonts, and styles. Because the logo will be used on all brand materials in the future, you'll want to make sure it is something you're happy with.

3️⃣ Brand Tagline

The tagline has the potential to become one of the most remembered aspects of a brand.

The tagline, like the brand name, is just a collection of words that the brand hopes to imprint in the minds of the audience in order to build a memory link to the brand, its experience, and its uniqueness.

A well-crafted tagline can go a long way in establishing a company's market position.

4️⃣ Brand Mission and Vision

The brand’s mission explains what you're doing and who you are. Consider it a statement of what you do and the values that your company represents. On the other hand, the company’s vision identifies your long-term goals. It encompasses everything you're striving for and all of your objectives. It will remind your stakeholders what you're working for, and it will keep you motivated to achieve the goals you set out to achieve when you first started your company.

The mission and vision statements might evolve over time, but something must always be in place to define the current purpose.

5️⃣ Brand Aesthetics - Graphics and Images

Your brand's graphics and visual components is also another aspect that distinguishes your company from your competitors. They include your colour palette, font, and anything visual. It is important to have consistent brand aesthetics through all platforms and mediums, whether it's on your website, product packaging, or social media presence.

The colour scheme you choose for your company is crucial because it influences all of the other visual branding elements you create. You want to keep your branding constant so that when consumers see typography associated with your brand or business, they can tell it's from your business. It's also easier to develop corporate material with a consistent and cohesive design when you have a specific typography for your company.

6️⃣ Brand Tone and Voice

Brands may be compared to real people with their own individual voice, since they are shaped by their own distinctive vision, emotion, culture, personality, and identity.

Your brand’s tone and voice refer to how your company appears in marketing materials when communicating with customers. Are you, for example, amusing and humorous? Or do you want a more intellectual and professional approach? Your voice and tone are important brand elements since they assist you in communicating a brand personality.

Strive to find a tone and voice that is appropriate for what your company offers and your target audience, and include it into all of your company's communications.

If you’re thinking you have yet to define your brand, think again! Even in the absence of a branding strategy, your brand is still being defined. Every day, with every business transaction, you establish your brand, whether it's the way you deal with customers, the values your firm espouses, or just the logo on your packaging. From here on, every step you take to identify and establish these six elements of your brand will strengthen your brand’s identity and help your business stand out from the crowd of competitors. in the mind of your customers.

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